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Salaries are still owed to the lecturers – ASUU : Nigerian Education

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has raised the alarm in spite of the presidential guideline issued in April due to the continued failure to pay some university lecturers.

It was also found that appointments and promotions under the Integrated Payment and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) were illegal.

The ASUU has been on strike since March because the government has reached agreement with the Union on university revival and funding, academic grants, the attendance panel at public schools, the dissemination of universities and their management, and the completion of Renegotiation of 2009 failed to comply with FGN-ASUU agreement.

In a strike bulletin 10 published by Ibadan University Union Chapter Professor Ayo Akinwole, ASUU stated that it would insist on the cancellation of appointments and promotions during the strike because it did not follow the established norms and procedures adhere.

She added that the Union is working to pay teachers who are not paid for four months while at the same time working tirelessly to receive new salaries and social packages that meet global standards for its members.

The Union has also attacked some Vice-Chancellors who promise online delivery that they cannot defend.

According to Professor Akinwole, ASUU is happy to promote its members, but not without following the proper process of academic survey.

He also said that the appointment of some Vice Chancellors would be canceled by the “illegal IPPIS”.

The ASUU also urged members not to fill out a form or document that was sent to them through their Vice Chancellors, as some University Vice Chancellors worked at the National University Commission (NUC) for “fake” data collection.

“It is against a member’s ongoing struggle to attend an appointment during the time because it fails all standard procedures. How many institutions can boast of a functional institutional post? How many institutions have a functioning internet service? Some of them are behind the problems that universities face with corrupt behavior.

“The ASUU has petitioned anti-corruption agencies about these VCs but has had no results, which leads us to believe that they are working with the rulling class to destroy their common heritage. Employment on strike under IPPIS is also illegal. The will insists on reversing such dates. We will pursue our desire to achieve the best of the university for our children and the best welfare system for our members. “

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