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The cost of reopening schools in Nigeria is over NN 200 billion, according to the new report : Nigerian Education

The Nigerian government and her parents would spend over N $ 200 billion to prepare school students for the reopening of schools during the Covid 19 period.

This estimate is included in a study conducted by a group of civil society organizations led by Ibifuro Asawo, the leading expert in e-learning and exam preparation software in Nigeria.

There are countless debates and forums about what to do before the schools reopen in the country. The cost impact of these measures is a worrying and complicated aspect of the processes under consideration.

Asawo and his team examined the possible cost of reopening schools in Nigeria. In the two-part document, the report indicated approximately N 200 billion.

According to the group, these estimates include government, private school, and parent spending on two face masks per child per N100 daily, hand sanitizer supply, and running water availability in schools. The government has given schools the ability to rate small and medium-sized enterprises, Central Bank of Nigeria SMEs, CBN, to meet certain financial requirements.

The struggle to restore lost time in schools and the establishment of new approaches to learning, such as online, are additional tasks that government officials are struggling with. The government is currently proposing to reopen schools for the last year of school, to revise them, and to take external exams conducted by WAEC and NECO. However, some people are concerned about the impact on the overall process of preventing the further spread of Covid-19.

As the blockade of Covid-19 gradually wears off, the urgent need to ensure that schools, students, and parents adhere to health agency guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading remains a major challenge, especially given the poor income and spending ratio for most parents and private schools. In addition, most teachers are currently not paid salaries and others are at risk of losing their jobs.



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