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Tai Ji Quan: Movement for a better balance

Tai Ji Quan: Movement for a Better Balance ™ is an evidence-based fall prevention program that runs 24 hours a day in two one-hour sessions. Each session consists of warm-up exercises; Core practices that include a mix of shape exercises, shape variations and mini-therapeutic movements; and short cooling exercises.

YMCA moves for a better balance

Movement for a better balance is a 12-week group program led by teachers that aims to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and balance to improve overall physical health and daily activities. Participation in the program can also lead to better mental health, less stress, better memory and better perception as well as higher self-esteem. The program is based on the principles of Tai Chi and teaches eight movements that have been specially modified for fall prevention. The program is aimed at people aged 65 and over who are physically mobile and have limited stability and / or mobility, or people aged 45 and over whose condition can impair stability and / or mobility.

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