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If you want to develop a successful one Content marketing strategyYour company needs to know who you want to address this content to. If you do not know who you want to address, you cannot contact the target group and generate a RoI for your company.

So the The first step is to get this user personality right. Whether you’re selling a product or service, or want to influence tens of thousands of readers with a thought-provoking article, you need to know who to contact. All of the content you create – be it a blog, an article, a video, or even a contest – must be developed within a framework set by the person.The right user personality is the key to creating compelling and relevant content. Click to tweet

For example, if you’re generating content for a family vacation travel website, you might want to collect and analyze data that focuses on the following questions:

  1. Family size and income
  2. Reasons for a vacation – do you explore new places, reduce stress and go on a religious pilgrimage?
  3. Budgets – do you want simple vanilla accommodation or a boutique hotel?
  4. Travel preferences – beaches or mountain stations?

Get actionable insights

After analyzing this data, you can now put together a typical user. This profile can be composed, but as long as it is based on knowledge gained by real users or buyers, it could work for you Content strategy. Our persona for the travel website could therefore be a family of four (including 2 children) with an annual income of Rs 10 lakh, for example, for whom you can now create content that corresponds to your holiday destinations and destinations. Personas based on general ideas are probably not effective.

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Among the best options too Create a user personality is collecting and analyzing user data, preferably from interviews. Combine online research and social media input while putting together a persona, and also consider aspects that take into account how the user’s persona is likely to change. In today’s world, the personas are constantly changing.

A user personality can be recorded in 1-2 page descriptions. These descriptions must include behavioral patterns, skills, attitudes, and the environment that are defined for different industries. For example, if you are creating content for a website aimed at students who want to study abroad, you have to do so build a persona This takes into account basic educational qualifications, educational goals, overseas goals and the most sought after subjects etc. You can find Buyer persona templates

Example of a buyer personality:

Persona template

Image courtesy of Alexa

How do you create an effective user personality? Here are some strategies to follow:

  1. Focus your persona on real life information. The aim is to gain relevant insights, not just information.
  2. Prioritize insights so you don’t get distracted by trivia. Get insights from a buyer who may have patronized a competitor.
  3. Track the buyer personality. In a time of demographic change, goals and desires can change. The user or audience person is not a static animal and you need to make sure that they are constantly updated.
  4. Get away from the hit script. Don’t be blinked by the questionnaire that could be the basis of your first research. Complete it with additional research.
  5. Don’t create too many personas. If you do this, your content script will not be focused and your marketing efforts will not have a worthwhile focus.

A well-researched user personality is at the heart of a good content strategy. This is what the company has to focus on in today’s competitive business environment. Use professional services to help your company develop the right personality. Today’s business requires personas for banking and finance, retail, medical services, e-learning, leisure, and FMCGs. In India, you may even need another person within a domain, e.g. B. a bank product – one for city dwellers, one for someone in a Tier2 city. Click to tweet

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