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During Miva City Hall 2020 earlier this month, Rick Miva CEO, and VP of Product Brennan Heyde introduced two product features that were launched this month, discussed the upcoming Miva 10 release, and gave one Update for MivaCon 2020.

Check out the full town hall of Miva Hall here:

In this Q&A blog, we answer the questions that we didn’t answer during the live event, and go into more detail about these new features and Miva 10.

New Miva modules: pick-up / delivery and quantity restrictions

Scheduled collection and delivery

Q: Can sellers only restrict pickup and delivery to local customers?

A: Yes. Sellers can use the integrated Miva Shipping method rules to define a list of the postcodes that you want to pick up or deliver on site.

Q: Can sellers set a minimum number of days based on the date the order was placed before pickup is done?

A: Yes, Miva has a lead setting that allows sellers to configure in advance the minimum time that a customer can schedule a pickup or delivery.

Q: Is there a way for customers to notify dealers when they arrive at the store?

A: Although this is not currently included in the module, retailers can develop a system that includes instructions in the order confirmation email or an email that reads “Ready for Pickup”.

Quantity limits

Q: How do quantity limits work? Can customers buy individual units or do they have to buy them? Specific Amounts?

A: As long as the customer meets the minimum requirements, they can buy as many as they want up to the maximum (if available). The module does not enforce quantity blocks.

Q: Are there minimum and maximum purchases based on dollar values?

A: Miva supports minimum order quantities on a global level with a global setting. However, only minimum and maximum product quantities are currently supported by this module.

Miva 10

Upgrade to Miva 10

Q: How do sellers update to Miva 10? Is developer support needed?

The upgrade to Miva 10 corresponds to the previous Miva updates. You click the “Update” button in the administrator view and Miva downloads and installs the changes. As the user interface changes, large stores should do so in a developer environment so that they can give their employees the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new user interface.

F: Will the price structure change?

There are no additional costs for Miva 10. The update is included in the current SaaS fees.

Q: Does Miva 10 need improved integration? When will API documents be available?

The integrations via our API will not change. However, we have plans to release additional APIs in 2021 to give developers more flexibility.

Q: Will that ReadyTheme that sellers are currently using Miva 10?

Yeah Any ReadyTheme The version used today continues to work in Miva 10. No changes are made to the templates when the new version is installed.

Q: Are there plans for beta access to Miva 10?

A: There will be no beta version for customers, but we will offer our developers early access to demo stores. Look for an online preview sometime in July.

Miva 10 functions

F: Has legacy Orduh Professionalcessing has been removed from Miva 10?

Merchants can still access the older order processing in Miva 10 using the search or bookmark functions. However, all of these features are included in the new order processing screens, which we recommend to get the most out of the latest tools.

Q: Will there be a time limit for checking the recovery of the shopping cart?

This is determined by the expiry time of the shopping cart (set to 60 minutes by default). When scheduled tasks are running, delete expired baskets (once a day by default).

Q: Can Miva 10 easily duplicate products and copy attributes?

A: Copy Product will be released on Miva 10 shortly. More information on this feature will be available soon.

Q: Can sellers add bulk attributes to a range of products at the same time? Any upgrades to the export functions?

A: Although there is nothing new in the first version of Miva 10 that offers this functionality, we are always trying to add better tools for managing product data in large quantities.

Q: What is the difference between the customer price list on Miva 10 and existing price groups?

A: Price groups are now the same as in Miva 10. We are adding some new functions for price groups to make them easier to manage, including a function for copying price groups and a better user interface for handling price group exclusions.

Q: Is it possible to change the admin default settings when entering tracking numbers?

A: Not currently, but we’re planning to redesign order processing early in the Miva 10 life cycle.

Q: Can sellers receive email notifications for failed authorizations?

A: This feature is currently available as a subscription service in Miva. Merchants can implement them for all orders by adjusting the “Subscription authorization error” email in “Order fulfillment settings”> “Template base emails” to also send orders without a subscription. You can also create a completely new email.

Q: Is the ability to manage products from multiple stores in a central location and in a catalog part of Miva 10?

A: Yes. This functionality is part of Miva 10 and will be released a little later.

Q: Will Miva 10 include multi-site?
A: Yes. This functionality is part of the Miva 10 life cycle and is planned for a future version.

Q: Will bundled products be part of the initial release?

A: No, bundled products are not part of the first version of Miva 10.

Q: Will Miva contain 10 one-sided registers?

A: Miva has a one-sided checkout service that sellers can contact us if they are interested. However, the popularity of one-sided tills has decreased and it is now more common to have multi-tier tills that offer a clear, user-friendly experience.

Q: Will there be a “Price Group” group function that is similar to the “Custom Fields” group?

A: We are exploring the idea of ​​tagging custom price groups. Although this is still a concept, we want to make it easier for dealers with several hundred price groups.

Miva 10: batch lists

Q: Is the module API on the client side still the same with the new batch list?

A: There is backward compatibility for any existing batch list. Modules that implement the batch list in the current version continue to work in Miva 10. Retailers can also implement new APIs / functions.

Q: Has the issue of batch lists and timeout when searching in larger stores been resolved?

A: If you experience problems with timeout problems with batch lists or when searching in the administrator, please contact our Support team for help.

Q: Will bookmarks be exportable and importable?

A: Bookmarks can be exported to CSV using the standard batch list, and there is XML to import them.

Miva 10: developer workflows

Q: Will Miva 10 have more non-self-managed theme features for non-technical customers to do simple updates?

A: These features will not be included in the first version of Miva 10. However, it is planned to provide a number of new functions for content management and visual page creators in 2021.

Q: Can the new Developer Workflow memory break if the wrong buttons are entered?

A: While this is possible, we plan to add a number of permissions in an early version of Miva 10 to make it more difficult to inadvertently broadcast code live. We also have a reset function that makes it easy to recover from possible interruptions.

Q: Have modern editing features such as code formatting, syntax highlighting, auto-completion and easy linking between templates been added?

A: The admin code editor in Miva 10 has a revised, fresh user interface. There are some additional features like full screen mode, and we’re discussing adding features like autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

F: How do the new developer workflow branches affect older ones? ReadyThemes?

A: When merchants upgrade to Miva 10, the current set of page templates becomes the branch of production. Nothing will change, but there will now be additional features to create new branches for development.

General platform questions

Q: How can I best improve my page speed performance? What resources are available to learn how to do it as quickly as possible?

A: We plan to run a full MivaLearn course on Miva website optimization shortly after Miva 10 launches. Search for additional resources soon.

Q: Is there a one-click buy function?

A: This functionality is now available with some template customizations. Sellers can contact our team if they are interested in this role.

Q: Are there POS integrations?

A: We support QuickBooks POS through our T-hub integration and can connect to the Square POS with a little integration. We can support other POS systems through ours JSON API.

Q: Does Miva integrate with Klaviyo?

A: Yes, there is an integration by one of our agency partners in the App store.

Q: What is the roadmap for headless APIs?

A: We launched a number of new runtime APIs in 2020 that will enable headless development for any seller who wants to benefit from it.

Q: Why was additional effort and development devoted to Shadows instead of the “latest” version of Colossus?

A: Colossus is based on the Shadows code base and contains additional functions and an updated design. We decided to make shadows the standard theme for Miva because it was intended as a starting point for developers. We’ll be making a similar update for Colossus soon.

Q: Can Miva create an API to connect to a specific provider?

A: We have one robust public API where any other platform can push and pull Miva data. We would be happy to help you with the integration if another platform is interested in creating one.

Q: Anyone can ReadyTheme Run template on all devices? What is the plan to make them completely safe?

A: All Miva themes work instantly on all devices. Certain adjustments or added JavaScript can compromise the integrity of a topic and cause errors when viewed on a particular device. Merchants can make their websites completely secure with just a few clicks. Please contact our support team to configure this.

Q: Is it possible to restrict an item’s sale by a customer’s geographic location?

A: The best way for sellers to implement this is to add custom product fields and additional validation during checkout.

Q: Is it possible to list multiple products on a single product page with a “Quantity” field for each article?

A: This is available today, but requires some template customization. Sellers can contact their developer to set this up on their website.

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