National Pink Day is today !! SINGLE MOM

What in the world ……NATIONAL PINK DAY you say???

Today is National Pink Day! YAYYYYYY! In fact, this is probably one of my favorite days of the year. I would have a whole Fuschia house, but I don’t think my husband would choose it. Did you see my bright pink DIY chairs? They are my favorite pieces in the bedroom and I am so proud of them.

In fact, make sure you Go over to my IG to see what crazy pink clothes I chose for that day!

On to the good things. Here are some fun items I peed out to celebrate today. Some are on sale (others not) … shhhh, I won’t say if a few packages end up on your doorstep this week. LOL.

PS: These pictures contain affiliate links and I may receive a small amount of money when you buy. This money helps me keep this blog alive and I love you xoxo for it

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