How to get a cheap laptop as a student MONEY SAVING

You can’t learn without a computer these days. Even if you don’t take an online course, you will probably still need a computer to write essays and presentations, as well as access online learning tools and do research online.

Many schools and locations have free PCs that you can use. However, these are not always available around the clock when you need them. Smartphones can be used to access certain learning tools, but you don’t want to write an essay on them. For this reason, laptops are the most common and convenient option for students – they can be brought to seminars, lectures, study groups and libraries and are designed for easy writing.

Unfortunately, laptops can be expensive and often cost more than 400 euros if you buy them in a local PC store. As a result, many students who do not yet have laptops may find it difficult to afford them. There are ways to cut costs to make laptops more affordable. Here are just a few different ways to get a cheap laptop as a student.

Benefit from discounts for starting school

In August and September, many retailers sell back to school. During this time, prices for computers and laptops are often lowered. You don’t get discounts on the latest models, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re just looking for a laptop.

Currys, Argos and John Lewis are just a few of the major UK retailers that often offer discounts. It’s worth looking for deals on their websites and looking for separate discounts on coupon websites.

Check certain brands for student discounts

Some electronics brands offer discounts to students all year round. To access these discounts, you may need to show that you have a valid email address, or you may need to sign up for a Student discount like student beans or unidays.

Some of the brands that offer student discounts are:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo

It is not always easy to find these discounts. Sometimes you won’t find these discounts on the brand’s main website. For example, you can find one Apple student discount Often, you need to visit the Apple Education Store and then scroll to the bottom of the website that has a link titled Shop for College. Lenovo now only advertises its student offerings through student beans.

A student discount on a laptop can be up to 20%. On a £ 400 laptop, this means a potential £ 80 saving.

Buy used laptops online

You can also save money on a laptop by buying a used laptop. There are two options here: refurbished laptops and used laptops.

Refurbished laptops are laptops that have been used, but the parts of which have been restored and repaired by a manufacturer or dealer. They are generally more reliable than used laptops and at the same time cheaper than brand new laptops. You can get a warranty on these laptops – although it doesn’t take as long as the warranty on a new laptop.

Repairs or restoration work is generally not performed on used laptops, except for repairs that the previous owner may have paid for. They’re generally not as reliable as outdated laptops, but can be a lot cheaper. When you buy these laptops from a retailer, they are usually checked in advance to make sure they are in good enough condition for sale. If you buy directly from the previous owner via Gumtree or Facebook, you may get a significantly cheaper price, but there is no guarantee that everything will work. Used laptops are usually not guaranteed, which is another reason to beware of them. This Instructions for Make Use Of deals more closely with the risks of buying a used laptop.

Consider a tablet over a laptop

A tablet could be an alternative to a laptop. Cheap laptops usually offer the same performance as cheap tablets at the same price, while offering additional portability (you can’t use a laptop while standing while you can with a tablet).

Tablets may also work better for certain types of work, such as: B. Design sketches. Many people find drawing with a pen on a touchscreen easier than drawing with a mouse on a screen.

That said, if you want to write a lot of essays, a tablet may not be as practical. You can buy one clip-on keyboard to get around this, but this could incur additional costs. Tablets also tend to have less storage space and a smaller display.

Many of the methods described above for saving money on a laptop work to save money on a tablet. You can often find discounts by starting school sales, student discounts for brands or by buying used products.

Check to see if your university offers laptop offers

Some universities offer free or discounted laptops to certain students. This can include students with certain disabilities or students with a certain income.

There are also universities that offer laptops to borrow or lease. This could be another option to make a laptop more affordable.

To find these offers, you need to speak directly to the student advisory service at your university. Some universities may offer you a laptop without asking if you meet certain admission requirements.

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