Gender Reveal! – With love, Leena. Hijab Fashion

It is a girl!

I was shocked to say the least! All the stories of the old women pointed to a boy, everyone in my family who had a dream about the baby said it was a boy, and pretty much all of my family convinced me that it was a boy. LOL! We would have been excited either way, but that definitely taught me that there is absolutely no way to know for sure whether it is a boy or a girl, just a 50/50 chance! 🙂 We found out with a blood test after about 10 weeks, so it was super early, but since then we have confirmed it with 2 different ultrasound tests! I can’t wait to have a little best friend !! Omar is overjoyed. It’s so cute to see him get excited about things with little girls! He’ll be the best girl father ever, God willing. 🙂 We love her more than anything else in the world!

Dress: Self-portrait

Photography: Arrick photography

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