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This summer “Outdoor Living” will take on a whole new meaning. Since many restaurants are still closed, vacations and events are canceled and summer camps are suspended, we will use our houses and backyards as a holiday resort, refuge or event location. So, while summer is still on the horizon, take some time to create a space that is fresh, new, and inviting.

It doesn’t matter if you have a deck, patio, or porch. Each of these rooms can take on the look and feel of a new escape location. Take some time to search the magazines and online for Pinterest or Vacation Resort destinations that inspire you or just make you smile, and then create that feeling in your outdoor living space. It can be a color you are drawn to in the pillows, pillows or umbrellas. Maybe a water feature is what makes you feel relaxed, or just the flowers used in the room make you smile. Just a few changes to your existing space will make it new and refreshing, and we don’t all need that now!

Go outside and breathe in fresh air and remember – this will pass too!

Connie Farley

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