Highly paid degrees for graduates in Germany in 2020 Study Abroad

Highest paid degrees in Germany

It’s great to have good job prospects in the place you want to study. If you have decided to study in Germany, there is a great advantage in terms of learning and career.

The final degree in Germany should enable you to take advantage of the opportunities in some of the most popular and highly paid jobs. A Germany study visa is your entry ticket for learning among the best curricula that are part of excellent courses from first-class educational institutions.

Germany took first place in the ranking after studying world countries according to factors such as:

  • Quality of training
  • lifestyle
  • Career opportunities
  • Cost of living

If you are interested in finding out the highest paid university degrees in Germany, we would be happy to give you an insight.


A standard engineering course provides you with general knowledge from all subject areas. The annual salary for people with an engineering degree is € 69,850.

Mathematics and computer science

Mathematicians solve challenging problems with complex calculations and equations. Computing has its basis in mathematics due to the need for logical solutions, and therefore a degree in this stream is highly paid. Anyone with a degree in mathematics or computer science will receive a salary of € 68,241.

Business administration

There is a need for qualified specialists who can run a company and formulate strategies for it. Therefore, economics graduates are essential to play their role in business and the economy. People with degrees in this area receive a salary of around € 65,404 a year.


It is a time when COVID-19 is not only a challenge for the body but also for the mind. The fear of illness and the stress of blocking and quarantine are widespread. In such a situation, resuscitation needs specialists who also take care of the psyche. Therefore, graduates of psychology are very important in today’s world. You will receive an approximate annual salary of € 55,404.


Law students have many perspectives to improve their career. In Germany, where there is a divine judicial system, a lawyer can be paid well for his work. The average salary of a lawyer is € 74,013.

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