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I needed a change.

I have been writing this blog for several years and have spent endless hours writing, formatting, publishing and finishing up my posts. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on homeschooling with you and even wrote books about our specific style and other guides.

No, I’m far from finished. In fact, I’ve recently added other topics – for example Frugal Fighters – that I’m particularly excited about.

I’m just talking about how many hours I invested because the book reminded me that it was a home business: Benefit first. Even if you run a small business like me, this book will help you.

Have you ever wondered what percentage companies use when they find out if they are doing well? Or how much working capital do you have? How much has to flow back into the business to grow it? How much is the owner paid? How much does profit cost?

I was amazed at these things, but nobody gave me the answers. So I stumbled in the dark, spent too much time and got no reward.

It was all trial and error.

But thanks Benefit firstI now have a worksheet, some real numbers to strive for, and most importantly, a plan to work towards every month.

Trust me. To get this book, read it from front to back. Use the worksheets. Your company will thank you.

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