The work of anti-Semitists still has a long way to go, Jewish leaders Starmer warn Judaism

Efforts to combat alleged anti-Semitism in the Labor Party are going in the right direction, but there is still a “long way to go”, Jewish leaders said after a virtual meeting with Keir Starmer on Friday.

The Labor leader met representatives of the House of Representatives, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), the Community Security Trust (CST) and the Jewish Labor Movement (JLM).

Board chairwoman Marie van der Zyl, JLC chairman Jonathan Goldstein, CST chairman Gerald Ronson and JLM chairman Mike Katz urged Starmer to take action against “high-ranking Labor figures and other members who are still dealing with the tropics and behaviors of the past few years ”.

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The local leaders also urged Jeremy Corbyn’s successor to “detoxify the party’s culture in relation to the Jewish community” and fulfill his promise of leadership competition, all recommendations of the Equality and Human Rights Commission after the watchdog’s investigation into alleged anti-Semitism in implement the party.

They also asked the party to publish all relevant documents related to the investigation.

The leaders said in a joint statement, “There was broad agreement that things are moving in the right direction, although there is still a long way to go due to the extent of the chaos Sir Keir has inherited.”

They added: “Overall, we are giving credit where credit is due, thanking Sir Keir for the progress made so far, and hope to reflect on further progress in the fight against anti-Semitism in the Labor Party at our next meeting in October. ”

Representatives started the meeting by discussing the coronavirus pandemic and showing solidarity with “black people given the memories of their experience of racism on both sides of the Atlantic”.

After the meeting, Starmer said, “I am grateful to the leaders of the Jewish community who gave me their time and views today. I am sure that it will take some time to restore trust between the Jewish community and the Labor Party. Some of the problems are not resolved overnight.

“But I was happy to update today’s meeting about the work that has been going on since our last meeting. We are beginning to remove the stain of anti-Semitism from our party.

“At today’s meeting, I also emphasized that it is not enough for the Labor Party to have an effective system to combat anti-Semitism. I want to lead a party without anti-Semitism, period. I also reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to fully implement the recommendations of the EHRC investigation. “

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