Four wise men and mother earth bring forth a miracle Spirtuality

It was 2030, and humanity was in a time of extreme crisis. Two major pandemics in just a decade; a catastrophic environmental crisis; A devastating world war and a global famine had fallen on the inhabitants of the earth.

In response to the ensuing chaos, five great masters gathered high on a mountain top to address humanity’s plight. The five masters were the Buddha, Lord Jesus, Sri Krishna, Lao Tzu and Mother Earth.

Buddha, the enlightened one

With a look of wise equanimity, the enlightened one, the Buddha, spoke first:

“My dear friends and fellow seekers, the great wave of suffering that has struck humanity is the result of obsessive adherence to the temporary worldly pursuit of material wealth, status and fame. The dharma has long been forgotten and I fear that the wheel of karma will have to turn until all delusions have burned away. Meditation is the solution to mankind’s problems. Because meditation is the key to enlightened self-confidence and to enlightening our species. “

The Buddha continued:

“Like the beautiful lotus flower, we all have to blossom with loving kindness to the fruits of our own awakening. Because of our delusions, we forgot how to love. And how can there ever be peace without love? “

The Buddha bowed to his wise companions and returned to his position with his legs crossed on the floor inside the circle.

Jesus, Prince of Compassion

Illustration of Jesus and cross

Jesus, the Prince of Compassion, got up to speak.

“I could no longer agree with Gautama. Humanity is currently suffering from a total lack of love. My brothers have forgotten that their divine father has ordered them to be their brother’s keeper. However, the dilemma of humanity is based on something whole other: a lack of belief.

“On more than one occasion you heard me say:” This belief can move mountains. “Without a genuine expression of faith, the forces of evil are anchored in the nest of the human heart and in the structure of society. This evil can only be overcome by an uncompromising belief in our heavenly Father.

“Tell me, if the world’s hypocrites cannot find this belief in themselves, why are we still following them and their ways of destruction? If only my children found this eternal belief in themselves, they would also realize that Kingdom of God lives in them too. “

Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism

Lao Tzu, who had listened attentively to both Buddha and Jesus, now had a turn to speak in circles:

“The absence of love has meant that humanity has lost confidence in itself and in the unfolding miracle of the cosmos. But the loss of such faith, born of this flowing eternal life energy that I have long called Tao, has also led to a loss of balance.

“Everything that exists is an exquisite interaction of the opposing forces. You cannot see joy without experiencing suffering. And doesn’t darkness give way to light? Can the summer lover really enjoy the warmth of this season without having to endure the bitter cold of winter? Isn’t humanity now plagued by the scourge of their own dualistic perception?

“The great nations and religions of the world are always trying to wipe out evil, but have ever taken the time to sit quietly and first understand the essence of good or evil before embarking on their crusades Looting? “

Lao Tzu finished speaking and sat cross-legged next to Buddha and Jesus to make way for Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna, Lord of Devotion

The Lord of Devotion then spoke:

“Many years ago, I advised my beloved friend and devotee Arjuna on the eve of the fight between belligerent members of the same clan. The main issues we discussed included love, faith, and balance. But as you all surely know, a being without these three qualities lacks a general sense of clarity because it is governed by its own ego.

“Can’t we say that humanity today is under the hellish grip of its ego? Check out the leaders of the most powerful nations in the world. Aren’t his rulers selfish megalomaniacs? Don’t all of mankind’s problems have to do with what great forgetting means … that all things in Brahman are one?

“Back on that fateful day on the battlefield, I told Arjuna that all sincere spiritual seekers must first conquer their own egos through the spirit of selfless service that can only come from dedicating the fruits of their own actions to God.”

Mother Earth, the divine goddess

Krishna slowly sat down and took his place again in a circle when Mother Earth, the divine goddess, gently wrapped her large branches around the four wise men and began to recite a prayer:

“May all my children see the flawless seeds of creation. May you see the divinity in my enchanting waterfalls that flow with love and spirit. May you hear the wisdom of the ages through the singing songbirds in my lush green forests. May they smell the intoxicating beauty in my blooming spring flowers. May you feel the healing power of the earth by holding my holy ground in your hands. And may they taste the food of my omnipresent soul by consuming exactly the vegetables that grow in this soil.

“May my children live their lives with a new sense of meaning and awe of the seamless flow of existence. Finally, may my children recognize the priceless wisdom of their local ancestors, who have always known the right way to live in harmony with me. “

Mother Earth then showered the four wise men, the mountain top and the fertile valleys below with colorful petals. She turned to the wise and said, “Let’s give the world a vision!”

The greatest miracle in the world

Sparkling lake

At this very moment, the five divine beings concentrated their collective energy, and the world experienced the greatest miracle since the beginning of all creation. Wars ended abruptly in all corners of the world; An abundance of food fell from the sky in poor regions. All the sick of the world were suddenly healed, and the great rivers and lakes that were too polluted to drink were as clean and brilliant as in the earliest days on earth.

When the world healed, their entire population was amazed at what they saw when they looked up at the sky. As darkness similar to a solar eclipse swept across the world, the sky suddenly took on a cosmic turquoise color as all great saints took shape in every belief and tradition in the mysterious skies above. All over the world, men and women reported that they were saints as diverse as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Mohammad, Saint Francis, the black moose, Mother Maria, the 12 disciples Shiva, Ganesh, Rama and Sita, Padma Sambhava and saw Confucius and many others.

In this moment of incredible wonder, the world found love, faith, balance and true spirit again. After thousands of years of suffering, humanity had finally achieved world peace.

The new age of enlightenment had begun …


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