MT: Great plants for screening Garden Design

MT: Great plants for screening

MD: You may have the best of neighbors, but sometimes you want some privacy or have an unsightly area that you can’t see.

No matter how good your neighbors are, it’s really nice to have a private space to relax outside in. This can of course be achieved with walls and fences, as well as other man-made structures. A more natural screen can be created through well thought out planting.

If you’re not sure which plants are best for you, here’s a quick guide to some of our favorites. Don’t forget, here at Floral And Hardy we have a range of services including help with your landscaping. With years of experience designing gardens of all shapes and sizes, we can help you plan your space for maximum privacy.

Maybe you have an ugly wall or fence that you want to dress up, maybe a road that goes by your yard, or keen kids next door on their trampoline. Whatever it is, there are plants to help you create a screen.

Hide a wall or fence.

An ugly log wall can be brought to life by covering it with a rich, dark green ivy. You need to check its growth as ivy can be quite sharp, but you will soon find that the wall is fading your view. Ivy could destroy a wooden fence quite a bit, a better choice would be a gentle creeper like pyracantha or jasmine. Careful positioning of trees that grow taller than the fence or wall can also help shield them from neighbors.

Natural screening.

Probably the most popular plant for making a natural screen is bamboo. Bamboo has many advantages: A sturdy plant that is suitable for most climates across the UK. It thrives in almost any type of soil and can cope with different amounts of light. They are naturally woody but are also evergreen and can be screened year round. Depending on how much you want the bamboo to spread, choose your variety carefully. Some can be very invasive and get out of control without careful maintenance. The productive nature of bamboo makes it perfect for creating a screen naturally but also quickly.

Other good natural screens can be grown with laurels, some varieties of holly, ligustrum, good ol ‘buxus, and even some magnolias.

Plant in pots.

Many of the plants mentioned above have varieties that will thrive in pots or containers if you don’t have a garden suitable for planting in the ground. In fact, several varieties of bamboo would benefit from being in pots preventing them from spreading out of control.

You can also consider hanging pots on walls, fencing, or trellising with evergreen and seasonal plants to take your eyes off an unsightly area.

And don’t forget about the grasses, there are many large and dense varieties such as Pampas, Feather Read, and Big Bluestem, all of which do great things for adding some privacy to your outdoor space.

Contact us today and plan your perfect and private garden.

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