STEM Freebie- Found objects – starfish formation STEM

Found objects (also known as recycled objects) to give creativity to the STEM challenges and improve the competitive environment for projects that your children will do at home.

In a traditional classroom, students are provided with materials and materials to find solutions to STEM problems. This gives students the opportunity to use new tools and (generally) start solving their problem. But how do we deal with materials for STEM projects, most of which are carried out at home?

The requirement that students design their solutions using found objects expands their creativity and keeps things fair.

What is a found object? Found object is exactly what they say. They are materials, supplies, and items that:

  • left over from another project
  • destined for the garbage (pizza box, milk carton)
  • went to the trash (delivery box, plastic container) (or made a short stop in it)
  • literally found (sticks, leaves, etc.)
  • otherwise unwanted items (a stained t-shirt, broken shoelaces, etc.)

The use of found objects for STEM projects gives children the opportunity to think about the materials to be used, but above all sets expectations.

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