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The idea of ​​unschooling in context episodes is to deepen our understanding of unschooling by examining it in the context of other related things. In this episode, we look at unschooling in the context of parenthood and examine some of the paradigm shifts in parenting and parent-child relationships that are critical to the growth of college education in our families.

I had to think a little bit about deciding how I wanted to plot the relationship between parenting and early school leaving in the diagram. I chose a large circle to represent parenthood and then a smaller, fully closed circle to represent uneducation. Because of course there are parents who exist outside of school drop-out, but as soon as we commit to dropping out of school and finding out the central role of our relationships in learning, drop-out and parenting become one and the same.

Topics we cover

  • Parents don’t have to be adults or children: from control to connection
  • Connected and trusting relationships are key
  • Children are able to make decisions
  • Explore limits and comfort zones

Things that were mentioned in the following

The gardener and the carpenter: What the new science of child development tells us about the relationship between parents and children by Alison Gopnik

Attachment for the entire CV by David Howe

Escape from childhood: the needs and rights of children by John Holt

Episode log

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