Master money 11.06.20 – IQ Wealth Management General knowledge

How often should YOU – or the person you hire to manage your investments – buy and sell the stocks you own? Here’s something to think about: every time you sell a stock, someone who thinks you’re wrong buys it. In fact, math is simple: one of you must be wrong and time will tell. Who buys a stock when you sell it? SOMEONE has to, and for them, what you sell is a bargain. Are you fools? In fact, most stocks are bought by very large, very intelligent institutions. The price they pay you is the price they think will make you money. Today, let’s take a look that only WHO buys the most stocks that individuals sell, and it may surprise you. Then Steve will develop a strategy to avoid emotional decisions with your money. An important show for you today, MASTERING MONEY is in the air !!!

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