To give future visitors more detailed background information about Rishi Tirumular, we recently did some work on the small, long-standing pavilion near its statue. This pavilion has been empty for some time and Kauai’s weather had taken its toll. Still, with a strong foundation and intact beams, all you needed was a new roof and something you could put in there. After completing the new roof, we added a large poster that included details about this great Rishi, his life and teachings. Look for it the next time you are in Kauai Aadheenam! Aum Namah Sivaya

“Nobody knows exactly the eternal and transcendental dwelling place of Lord Śiva. He is anchored in the heart of all who are able to identify his highest level of existence. He is always present there without losing his omnipresent nature. If the sādhaka it is. ” Able to realize his living presence in the tiny space of his heart, he could immediately become Śiva himself. “ -Tirumantiram

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