Product Spotlight: How to win the Amazon Buy Box using Sellery’s SmartLists E-COMMERCE

It is a known fact that you are much more likely to sell on Amazon if you win the buy box.

Today we’re going to show you how Sellery can help you get this coveted seal of approval from Amazon.

Then we will look for ways to back up your data Buy box Winner status with sellery smartlists, filters and pricing rules.

How to win the buy box the old fashioned way

Amazon experts claim that for some categories, 4 out of 5 sales are made via the “buy box”. In other words, most buyers opt for the Amazon-verified option that appears at the checkout.

It’s easy to see why people check this box. It is Amazon’s CTA.

It’s quick, convenient, and always a bargain. And as with all other transactions on Amazon, the guarantee is guaranteed from A to Z.

Therefore, the buy box is a must for sellers.

If your offer is eligible, the “Purchase box authorized” column will appear on your inventory page. Simply check this box to activate it.

But how can you be entitled as a seller?

As mentioned in our post entitled “Winning the purchase box”, your eligibility depends on the product category and an algorithm that contains 7 factors:

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