Bringing the Gig Economy Back: Five Considerations for Direct Selling E-COMMERCE

Written by Natalka Zeleny

The gig economy has given millions of people the opportunity to work independently as freelancers or part-time workers. While some rely on these jobs full time, others see Gig jobs as a secondary job to create an additional income.

The current economic climate has changed much of the gig and retail economy (think of rideshare or professionals like graphic designers who pick up side projects online at night to get extra money). With fewer performance options, many people take a further look at the original part-time job or the “performance job”: direct sales.

Direct sales is based on the idea of ​​supporting individuals with high quality products and a strong community supported by training and business infrastructure. It’s more stable than the one-time computer-generated customer interactions and appearances of on-demand freelancers and carpool drivers. Direct sales also addresses all age groups. Think of it this way: your friends and family don’t go away because the economy is changing. If anything, you are more closely connected and want to strengthen these connections.

With more people at home, we spend more time connecting on social media platforms. Direct sales companies make it easy for representatives and customers to talk to their friends about their personal experiences. This makes it easier to share products and give personal opinions. Word of mouth and personal recommendation of a product are still one of the most trustworthy options when you decide to buy. As more and more people search for connections on social media, the direct sales industry is on the rise and is doing better than ever.

Plexus worldwide, a pioneering healthcare company with science-based products, is one of the 15 largest direct sales companies in the United States and one of the 30 largest companies worldwide Direct sales news. We asked their chief sales officer, Ryan Anderson, for five things people should consider when choosing their next appearance.

1. Are there high quality, scientifically sound products that you like to shout about? Look for companies that manufacture high quality, science-based products. Make sure you are enthusiastic about the products and learn as much as you can about them. At a time when everyone is talking about maintaining personal health, Plexus products that focus on gut health, weight management and skin care are of high quality.

It is also important that the products you scream about have an expert fan base that does quality control, research and development, such as: Jim Logan, who served as NASA’s Chief of Flight Medicine and Chief of Medical Operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for 22 years, and Dr. Luis N. Pacheco, an Emmy-award-winning family doctor who is certified by the board in both family medicine and sports medicine. These experts are members of the Plexus Medical Advisory Board.

2. Will it be easy to run in the current crisis? No inventory. No touch. No problem. For now, the new reality means that many prefer less physical interaction. Research for direct sales companies that ship their product directly to customers. Also ensure that customers can order products directly from a website rather than face to face. However, make sure you have a strong system in place that seamlessly ensures that sales are automatically tracked to give you credit and full commissions.

3. Does the company offer virtual events and enhanced connectivity? Decide to be part of a company that digitally supports its members to help them succeed. This can be done through streaming events, company-produced shared videos, shared social media content so you don’t have to create materials from scratch, and hosted virtual training opportunities. While some companies only provide raw images that require individuals to spend hours creating their own sales materials, Plexus makes it easy – virtual.

4. Does it have low entry costs? Look for companies with lower entry costs. Avoid companies where their independent sales reps pay high annual fees. It is best to research everything about a company and understand its compensation plan and how agents are rewarded for their efforts. (Remove all references to the previous sentence.): No competitive comparison, and over $ 500 is the FTC limit for pyramid schemes.)

5. Is there a digital back office? No dice needed. Digital office space created by the Direct sales Businesses are essential for one person to track their business progress, product details and marketing materials so that a representative stays up to date with their game plan. Plexus built a back office that makes it easier for their representatives to track their success and provide them with important product information.

Due to the low overhead and the integrated community connections, direct sales will probably become even more relevant in the coming months than ever before. Regardless of how the economy as a whole remains stable, it creates additional income and flexibility in the long term. With the right planning and research, it’s easier than ever to get started successfully and safely in the original gig economy.

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