The hardest thing to teach children Unschooling

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We came across a roadblock when it comes to teaching our children. It’s not a big one, but it’s there anyway. Maybe it’s because we’re in the logical phase of our classic college education, but it was a challenge.

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The challenge is to teach our children to take care of them.

It’s easy when they’re small. We still notice the difference between the way our little one does his job and the way the older ones do it. Our youngest doesn’t want to do anything other than to please and get his money (read my blog post about why we pay our kids here for housework.), But the older ones are now thinking about opportunity costs – that is, time on their screens that they use to talk to their friends, I think? – how they do their jobs.

As such, we recognize that we have the additional task of teaching them to take care of the tasks they are doing.

What do I mean by “care”? I mean not only doing the basics of what they are paid for, but also keeping an eye on what else could be done around and after their work.

For example, my daughter washes lunch dishes. We trained her to shine the sink every time, to remove food that would clog the drain, to look around and see if she missed any other dishes. Oh, and take your time to make sure the dishes are there indeed clean.

These are part of the job, but are not explicitly mentioned.

As we see it, these are things to be taught because they are required for every profession you choose. Every job involves innumerable tasks that are not explicitly mentioned.

Work is more than just following instructions.

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