India Quiz 119 General knowledge

1.India was ranked in the Gender Gap Index-2019?


2. When is Good Governance Day celebrated in India each year?

20th of December
12th of December
25 December
15th December

3. When is Vijay Di observed in India every year?

December 16
15th December
13th December
11th December

4. When is World Hindi Day celebrated?

February 8th
10. January
the 14th of March
September 20th

5. When is the National Education Day celebrated?

5th September
November 11th
15th of November
September 11

6. When is the National Constitution Day celebrated each year?

22nd of November
24th of December
2nd of April
November 26th

7. Which country launched the Amma Vodi program to provide BPL mothers with financial support for their children’s education?

Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

8. In which city should India’s first Turtle Rehabilitation Center be built?


9. What was the most searched keyword in India in 2019?

Lok Sabha elections 2019
Chandrayaan 2
World Cricket Championship 2019
Article 370

10. The ICMR has developed a proposal to examine which therapy can be used to treat critical COVID-19 cases.

Plasma therapy
Eclectic therapy
Music therapy
Biblio therapy

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