I am young and healthy: do I really need life insurance? INSURANCE

If you are young and healthy, you may think that it is too early to take out life insurance. The truth is, buying young life insurance can save you money – a lot of it. Buying life insurance in your twenties or thirties is a smart move, even if you don’t think you still need it.

Younger is cheaper when it comes to life insurance

Buying life insurance at a young age can save you thousands of dollars. Although life insurance companies consider hundreds of factors when determining premiums, age is one of the most critical. When you apply for insurance, providers focus on the risk of having to pay out a claim at some point in the future. In terms of life insurance, this risk is the death of the policyholder. The younger you are at the time of your application, the lower the risk to the company and the lower your rewards are likely to be.

Term Vs. Life insurance

How life risk insurance works

Risk life insurance policies are taken out for limited periods such as 20 or 30 years. They guarantee payment of a specified death benefit if death occurs during the specified term. The premiums are based on the age, health and life expectancy of the insured, as determined by the insurer. As this type of policy only offers a death benefit and only for a limited period of time, it is usually the cheapest life insurance available, especially for people under 50.

How the whole life insurance works

Life insurance, on the other hand, offers life insurance protection for life as long as you continue to pay your premiums. It also offers a fixed annual premium and contains a cash value element that you do not get from life insurance. If you take out life insurance, the insurance company pays your premium (minus insurance costs and costs) to a cash value account. This offers you an accumulation of deferred tax assets that you can use if necessary. Life insurance policies tend to be more expensive than life insurance policies. However, the younger you are when you buy, the cheaper it is likely to be.

Advantages of buying life insurance at a young age

When you are 20 years old you may be single and childless, but it may not take forever. If you choose to get married and have children in your thirties, the value of life insurance is likely to become clearer. At this point, however, your premiums may be higher than if you had taken out life insurance in your 20s.

If you have private student loans that may have been signed by your parents, life insurance can be used to pay off those debts if something happens to you. It can also help cover funeral or funeral expenses, as well as any other final costs.

If you are young and healthy and are considering life insurance to save money in the future, our friendly agent can help you. We can review your options with you and help you take out life insurance at the best available rates.

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