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Add and tidy up on page about what can happen when parents put pressure on children:

Memory of an obscure page about politics (could be a good time of year if you read this in spring 2020)
It’s about problems for children when the focus of the parents is elsewhere.

Tidying up, adding photos and links to late-night learning comments (multi-person stories)

Something else:

In the past few months my website has been moved, my photobucket photos have been moved to this new host site, the archives of some older discussions have been moved there (all thanks to the generous and tireless work of Vlad Gurdiga) and Always learning moved by yahoogroups to– You don’t have to be a member to look around there.

Over the next few months, the 12th Don’t learn anything dayand the 10th anniversary of Simply add light and stir.

Because of all the moves and changes, I work every day, either a few or hours, to restore, update, support, and consolidate the images and links in and between these resources. If you find glitches, missing pictures, bad links, typing errors, I would be happy to know.

Thank you for reading!

Photo (a link) by Chelsea Thurman Artisan

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