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Do you need anything to keep these kids excited, studying and having fun this summer? After a crazy end of the school year, you probably hoped that summer would be as normal as I was. But unfortunately we are here with a full stop for all summer activities – what should a mother do? SUMMER CAMP !!!

But wait, you just said everything was canceled. I don’t know anything about you, but summer camps are also canceled here. Yes, that’s right … just like with all other spring activities – go into the virtual world for a while VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP.

No, grass stains, sunburn, and mud cakes are not included, but your kids can still have fun. (And the contained activities can still lead to a few grass stains!)

And I’m here to tell you that SUMMER CAMP AT HOME with mom for all seasons has a great option for you this summer.

This is how it works

For the next 8 weeks, you and your children will go on a themed adventure every week! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The 8 theme weeks include:

  • Space week
  • Disney week
  • Dinosaur week
  • Hawaiian week
  • Olympic week
  • Under the sea week
  • Pirate week
  • Superhero week

Every weekday you will travel through a variety of activities in the following categories:

  • Learn & explore– engaging, educational videos and projects
  • Fun & creative– A variety of practical handicrafts and activities designed to improve what you learn every week
  • move– physical fitness, exercises, workouts and dance parties around your topic of the week
  • Further exploration: watch & listen– Numerous suggestions for further research on the weekly topic through a family film evening
  • Snack time– fun and tasty snacks and recipes based on your weekly theme.

Each week also includes:

  • List of deliveries needed to complete crafts and activities for the week.
  • Thematic certificate of completion.
  • Empty summer camp at home Planning pages to help you organize your week.

Basically EVERYTHING you need to have fun every week. EVERYTHING PLANNED FOR YOU !!! Isn’t that what every busy mother needs?

Do you want to see what you get You can get them first week free – – SPACE CAMP !!!! Won’t your kids love that?

This is the typical weekly layout in Teachable for the SPACE CAMP SUMMER CAMP WEEK 1

Seriously, look at all the fun! There is Learn videos, DIY craft ideas that fit the topic, such as DIY Moon Rocks and Galaxy Slime – ewwww!

Your kids can move around with a training video from Train Like a Astronaut and then rest with some Film selection and / or podcasts on the topic. You can even watch this movie while eating some of the suggested snacks like Galaxy ice cream or rocket hot dogs! YUM!

There is an offer list to help you plan ahead, and a FINAL CERTIFICATE included at the end of each camp week. You even get one empty camp activity planner This allows you to plan what activities, crafts, etc. you play to be ahead of the game at the beginning of the week.

Your Children will love the summer camp, even if it is at home – again – like everything else !!

++ This post contains affiliate links. That means I get a small portion of the proceeds from the purchase that I use to maintain this blog! Thank you so much!

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