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IB Extended Essay examples, perfect explanation and guidelines. : news : Nigerian Education


IB Extended Essay examples, perfect explanation and guidelines.

IB Extended Essay: The International Baccalaureate (IB) program Resource center, An important resource for educators at IB World Schools are several examples of extended essay titles. This article provides comprehensive information on IB Extended Essay, starting with the basic tips …

IB Extended Essay Examples

An extended essay is a type of academic writing assignment, the success of which depends on the structure. Aside from choosing a topic, researching and defining the main question, it is important to choose the structure, as an expanded paper must be included.

IB Extended Essay Examples: What is an Extended Essay?

Before you start with your extended essay, you need to answer the question. “What is an extended essay?” First of all, it is necessary to create the most suitable essay with an extended definition.

An extended definition paper would be: “A kind of academic assignment, which is a research work by an independent author with about 4,000 words.” It is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

This means that a student cannot get his bachelor’s degree without successfully researching 4,000 words on the chosen narrow topic. An extended essay is therefore more than a lengthy university essay.

It is the best expert answer to the question: “What is an extended article and why is it important to prepare for the submission of the extended article?” The next sections explain how to write expanded paper and offer some original examples of expanded paper.

Get ready for the exam! Take into account that an extended article is only rated positively if it meets all the required structural and formatting standards.

How do I write an extended essay?

We answered the question “What is an extended essay?”. Before we concentrate on the components of an extended paper, please note the evaluation section. The graders of the International Baccalaureate rate this type of academic writing on a scale from zero to 36. The score obtained is linked to a ribbon.

  • A – perfect level
  • B – good job
  • C – meets the main requirements
  • D – mediocre standard
  • E – basic level (worst)

An extended IB article implies:

  • Practical preparation for basic studies
  • The possibility to investigate a specific problem also related to one of the 6 subjects of the diploma program

Examples of extended IB articles: structure suitable for every subject

What does an extended essay look like? There are three common approaches to developing an extended essay, and it is up to a student to choose the one he prefers.

Post-it note outline: Go small at the beginning and then increase outwards and create a summary of each paragraph and try to insert it on a single line.

Expand the summary of each paragraph with the help of a few more Dashes::

  • Supporting evidence such as facts, statistics, and in-text quotes from the collected sources
  • Explain how certain examples illustrate the main point
  • Make it bigger by using additional opinions or suggestions related to the general point behind it

Spreadsheet: A lesser known method that allows you to easily compare sections in size and text by dipping each paragraph into the clear parts. This is what your Excel document could look like.

IB Extended Essay example

Students who want to be successful with their ACT or SAT should be willing to write this type of assignment on the topics available. We offer some free examples of advanced IB articles. The first deals with the religion of the world and the second expanded article deals with the effects of age on short-term memory.

“How far does the perception of people in Malaysia go from different religions to belief in life after death? This belief is similar in religions around the world.

Most people believe that sincere and pure people in the hereafter fulfill their hopes, wishes and dreams, while those who spread evil will suffer forever. Asians tend to be more religious. The essay aims to find out whether Malaysian citizens have a strong belief in the existence of an afterlife. “

“Does memory have anything to do with age? Many experts try to prove that. The study examined whether age has an impact on short-term memory in children aged six to 16 years. A team of professors from the International School of Geneva randomly selected 250 students.

Each student was given no more than 30 seconds to memorize different pictures. The next 30 seconds were devoted to writing what they saw in these pictures. The results showed that fourth grade students, who remembered 12 pictures and an average of nine words, showed the greatest change in brain capacity. “

That’s it on IB extended essay examples, depending on the college major. Think of more ideas and share them with other candidates. If the topics seem too complicated, contact the professional online help for writing essays, which will solve every IB task as the graders need it.

If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section of this page. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media.

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