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“Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.” This quote is attributed to Isabelle Lafleche, which frames our weekly collection of contributions. What is your passion Where is your courage And what do you need to align the two?

Perhaps some of the following ideas will help build courage or clarify your passion, or both. We found resources to improve visual thinking, organize research notes, learn online, track, plan, and progress on a PhD, as well as additional written quotes to motivate you on the journey.

We also found information on current issues and events in academic writing, including diversity and inclusion, research implications, research career paths, copyright, and read & publish opportunities. Whatever your passion, you’ll find ways to build the courage you need to keep going this week. Have fun writing!

11 exercises to improve your visual thinking

What comes first for you – pictures or words? Both are important for storytellers. We make words on paper to share our visions with the readers. We want them to see what we see, hear what we hear, experience what we experience. Focusing on visual thinking is an exercise that allows many of us to access their creativity and write better stories.

Keep your laboratory and research notes organized

In today’s publication, I will give you information about some tools that you may want to use for your research and laboratory notes. The final decision is up to you, but I want you to think about how to organize your information so that you can easily need it when you need your notes.

Reflections on some favorite quotes

Do you collect author quotes? You should. They can be inspiring and educational. It’s great to turn to them at times when you feel like you are in the doldrums of writing. Here are seven of my favorite writer quotes and why I like them.

5 reasons why you should complete a doctoral program

People don’t understand that there is no direct way to meet some of the program’s requirements, particularly the Ph.D. Thesis. Regardless of how challenging this course is, there are many reasons why you should use your time and money to do your doctorate. Degree. In this article, we examine five of the top reasons why you should study a doctorate.

Online learning for everyone

The online move raises all kinds of questions about (in) equality. Not only the bigger problems of digital access and digital competence, but also the essentials of our planning and provision. In an ideal world, we would make sure that our online materials are accessible to everyone.

Writing the dissertation (diploma thesis) II: First steps and progress / project planning

I am writing this post from the perspective of someone who supervised theses and dissertations, although I think I will write one for consultants in the future. I am starting from the baseline that you (student, master student / doctoral student) have already achieved everything except the thesis.

It’s what you know and who you know: AGU Co-Authorship Demographics – An Interview with Brooks Hanson, Jory Lerback and Paige Wooden

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has really used its money when it comes to tackling issues of diversity, justice and inclusion. Your youngest Strategic plan for diversity and integration (published in December 2018) identified five priority objectives “that address the following aspects of diversity and inclusion in general”.

Pioneers share their travels: Impact Scholar Community Event # 1

The opening event of the Impact Scholar Community On April 23, 2020, the focus was on how young researchers can increase their research impact. Tima Bansal and Andy Hoffman, Pioneers in scientific impact, shared their experiences in one lively virtual dialogue with 140 researchers from all over the world.

Research career crossing

When I designed this year’s MethodSpace editorial calendar, I thought that a focus on careers could be helpful for new graduates looking for research-oriented positions in and outside of science. Academics and scientists prepare for a career for a long time. It is therefore not uncommon for the world to change since we started studying for a doctorate. It made sense to examine options to align expectations with new realities.

Publishers claim emergency library is “massive violation”

On Monday, four major publishers, with the support of the Association of American Publishers, announced a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Internet archive.

Oxford University Press and National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, agree first China Read & Publish deal

For 26 of the CAS institutes, the three-year contract is the first of its kind in China. It provides the participating institutions with full access to the renowned JUP journal collection and, as the contract progresses, will result in more and more research results from the participating CAS researchers being published in an openly accessible manner.

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