Friday smackdown: Chill Bootro Industrial Design

A cold wave of grassy air flowed through the alley. As we rounded the curve, we saw thousands on the horizon. Thousands that spread out on the road as if they had grown there for ages dropped chaff, sprouted tubers, and worked their way towards the mineral-rich core of these compounds.

Alex Konstad – His characters are incredible. His creatures are even better. Otherworldly curiosities with all kinds of interesting details.

Read Planet Rise – The Martian landscape, created by Sean Doran with data from the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. As if you were there.

Christo – The artist famous for wrap art and massive installations defying faith died at the age of 84. These are some of his projects.

Plexi – Experiments with different plexiglass colors.

The Schwa – What is the most common vowel in English? That of course. Everything about it and why it is so.

Cheeky astronomer – The sculpture by Yinka Shonibare. Glass fiber figures with globe heads that experience the world.

Hot Wheels high jump – How high can a Hot Wheels car be started and still land on its wheels? About this high.

COVID slogan generator – Perfect for triggering just the right amount of panic.

Ducati GT1000 – A custom built Cafe Racer by Purpose Built Bikes with 175 kg, 92 HP and a shape and a taillight that are a little bit future, a little bit retro.

Who tried: power plant – The samples used by Kraftwerk, used by other artists from Beck to Pink and Beyond.

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The dream hotel – Enter Shakari live from Lockdown in a video created for Snob.

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