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Have you been feeling depressed lately? Do you feel lonely and alone? If for some reason you are broken inside, please know that you are fine.

Sometimes you feel like nobody cares about you – especially at times when you’re down. It could be a daunting and lonely emotion. It seems like you have been left alone.

When you’re at this point, cheer up. You can help yourself. Here are some helpful things that can encourage you to feel lonely and alone.

1. Leave your room

Stop pouting in your bed and stare at the ceiling. Decide to get up, shower and go out. Keep yourself active.

2. Do you have an “I time”

It’s okay if you’re alone. Take this opportunity to spend time with yourself. Maybe you haven’t had a date in a long time. So go to the mall, the beach or the cinema. Then dine in your favorite restaurant.

3. Treat yourself

Combined with # 2, don’t feel guilty about spending money on yourself. You deserve it! Eat what you want. Buy the shoes you always wanted. Or get a massage in the spa.

4. Travel when you are lonely and alone

If you have the time, money and courage, go on an adventure. Find out how exciting it is to travel to a new place, meet new people and immerse yourself in a new culture. This can be of a kind soul searching also.

5. Create a craft

Another way to alleviate this loneliness is to be creatively productive. Let your mind and hands work with an entertaining craft. You can try painting, creating D-I-Y organizers, or crocheting.

6. Read a book about how to stop feeling lonely and alone

There are many beautiful books that can help you improve your self-image or overcome lonely thoughts. Find self-help books that can help you get out of depression and loneliness. The Bible is also helpful.

7. Watch funny movies

Keep the blues away by laughing out loud. Take a film marathon with comedy or rom com films. Prepare the bucket of popcorn and other feel-good snacks. Let’s see if you still feel lonely and alone afterwards.

8. Learn to play an instrument

Turn what you feel into an encouragement to achieve something new. Challenge yourself to learn to play an instrument. It can be guitar, piano, drums, violin or anything you’ve always wanted to try.

9. Go for a walk

Walking, like any other physical activity, can make you feel good. This is because it helps to release them Happiness hormones in your body. In addition, the walk can be a good time for you to think about what you’re going through. So try walking in the park, on the beach, or in a relaxing place in the morning or afternoon.

10. Play with your pet

If you have a pet at home, take the time to play with it. Cuddling, grooming or feeding your pet, and walking it can be fun.

11. Call your parents or siblings

Do you live alone and away from your family? They sure miss you too. Have a phone or video call with them. Seeing your old people and siblings can surely relieve the loneliness you feel.

12. Set goals

One way to motivate yourself to shake off the blues is to set goals. Challenge yourself to achieve short and long-term goals. A little self-competition can help you focus on your goals, not your discouragement. More than that, it can help you restore your life.

13. Reinvent your wardrobe

Say to yourself, it’s time to release version 2.0. Remember to reinvent your style. Go through your outfits and drop the old, lame ones. Work on mixing and combining clothes, reshaping others and even shopping!

14. Get a new hairstyle

Your version 2.0 would not be complete without changing your hairstyle. Is it just me or is it really therapeutic to get a haircut or a new hairstyle? You will definitely feel better.

15. Renovate your room

A new environment can also help you feel good. After reinventing yourself, renovate your room too. You can repaint the walls or add new wallpaper. Then rearrange the furniture and change the bedding and curtains. You can also add new features.

16. Write a diary about why you feel lonely and alone

Whatever keeps you lonely and alone must be released. If you’re not ready to open up with someone, at least open up with yourself. Get a notebook and write down what you’re feeling. This will help you relieve the load on your chest.

17. Find someone to talk to

Of course, it’s still better to talk to someone you trust. Tell your closest friends or family members what you’re going through. They will surely be more than willing to listen to you.

18. Talk to God

If you don’t like to talk to your family and friends about your situation, don’t worry. There is someone who knows what you are going through. He’s just waiting for you to let him in. He is god. Talk to him now and pour everything out.

Shake off lonely and solitary thoughts

It’s okay if you’re feeling lonely and alone right now. Sometimes we all have to get through this situation to get stronger. Once you have overcome, you will find that you do not have to rely on others to be happy.

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