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UNILAG WSS suspends payment of the school fee for the third semester : Nigerian Education

UNILAG WSS suspends payment of the school fee for the third semester

The Board of Directors of the Women Society School at the University of Lagos has suspended payment of the third semester fee by the parents.

The board decided to replace the tuition fee for the third semester with a monthly fee for e-learning. This was decided after launching a survey to determine parents’ opinions about the online courses.

The headmistress, Ms. Abimbola Afolabi, stated in a letter to the parents that the third semester had not yet started and that the e-learning program was optional for students.

“The board decided that the online teaching service is only available to students whose parents have expressed interest.

Below are the suggested fees for each class category: a) Kindergarten and Kindergarten: N5,000 per month; b) Elementary school 1-3: N7,000 per month; c) Elementary school 4: N10,000 per month, “says the letter.

The move was due to the rejection of the parents’ request for payment of the fees for the third semester by the headmistress, Ms. Afolabi Abimbola.

In a letter sent to parents on May 18, 2020, Ms. Abimbola asked parents to pay the fees for the third term until June 5, 2020.

The school’s parent forum rejected the policy. They complained that the school’s e-learning services were unsatisfactory.

The board has suspended the online courses. However, they found that it would not take until June 8, 2020 to clarify the questions raised by the parents.

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