Tribal sacrifice, the changing face of justice and Paul’s words to the Roman Church Christianity

Tribalism can take various forms;
The division of people into groups and the associated dynamics are different. When we think of tribal war, we usually do
Think of a tribe that dominates another by strength. Western tribalism, however, often – not always – works
completely different. Instead of using
Strength as a powerful weapon, it has used victims as a powerful weapon. This works where perceptions are important. For example, it would not work in the north
Nigeria today, where Muslim terrorist groups kill, kidnap and persecute
Christians regularly. It does
Work in America, however, where those identified as victims receive
Awards and control of the agenda. in the
In such a context, narrative control is crucial: you have to determine which
Group gets to claim the victim’s estimated status because there is power in
The culture is lying.

There is a canonical narrative of
Victim. Christians do not come to it
claim victims, but Muslims do. black
get victims, while whites have white privileges and have to repent
(not even, but remain in a continuous mode of reversal). Women also have and tell a story about
Victim. Some stories about victims
are more privileged than others, and “intersectionality” has taught us that
The winner is the one who can claim to be where most of these stories are
intersect. The story of a black woman from
For example, the victim trumps that of a black man.

Tribalism in the form of
The victim leads to a completely different concept of justice than any concept of
Justice based on equality. One thing we are experiencing every day now is
how “victims” are not only those who are victims of injustice, but people
who identify with a “victim tribe” and we see how that affects
Areas of justice. It means’ You shouldn’t be following the rules because they are
Rules are unjust “and it means” take from others because their gain is unjust ”
and ‘until you identify yourself with my pain and suffering, I will make you suffer pain
(by losing your business and violence on the streets, for example). ‘

The French revolution was bad
enough because of its underlying rejection of God and the Church, but the
somewhat valuable (at least theoretically – not as lived in France) socially
Values ​​like equality, fraternity and freedom are missing in this victim revolution.
We seem to have a tribal identity that is defined as a power struggle
(Victim vs. oppressor), social classification (intersectionality vs.
Equality) and redefining justice (defined around the group and the individual
against blind justice, which is “for everyone”). The French could have said: “Everyone
Lives are important and so we have to kill the king and queen (whose life was like that
separated and indifferent to citizens). The tribal victim
Society says, “Black lives are important, and therefore oppressors must be killed (especially
the police) and people with the so-called “white privilege” must be forced to do so
regret and rumble. ‘

The victim believes that there
must be a preference for the marginalized (whether perceived or real)
(Black people, homosexuals, Muslims, non-citizens, etc.), and so it comes to “justice”
mean that turmoil, destruction and theft are just deeds
the victims’. The shopkeeper advocates “tribal justice” by putting up a sign
say, “This is a minority,” hoping that rioters will loot his or not
their property. The implication is: “I
I will accept that you loot my white neighbor’s property. “ Tribal victims call for restructuring
society to suppress and humiliate “the deplorable” (Hillary Clintons
Contribution to English language), reparation for past mistakes (country
Redistribution, demolition of statues and perceived symbols of oppression,
Cash payments) and privileging those who do not have access to privileges
(Non-citizens [hence doing away with borders], Protective cities, release of prisoners, professional development based on identity and not qualifications, vice versa
Discrimination against equal opportunities through equal results and
Reward). Justice does not require facts (as in the case of the wrong one
Allegations against President Trump for collusion with the Russians or trade (quid
pro quo) with Ukraine, when the Democrats were actually the ones who did everything
this quite frankly). The new “justice” only requires conformity with the
constructed narrative of oppressed against oppressor (as in the notorious accusations
against Justice Kavanaugh during his Senate hearings as his prosecutor’s allegations
were considered “their truth” and are therefore valid despite the absence of any
affirmative evidence or statements). And it doesn’t understand “injustice”
simple in terms of actions, but also union.

Tribalism is definitely not Christian
although it is common for Christians to run for confession for crimes they commit
not quite understand, but for whom they are willing to repent. Instead of saying that you are witnessing a crime
do not make the witness complicit in the crime, they willingly repent. So much of society, including many
Christians are ready to accept the narrative that there are institutional ones
Racism in the country without asking what that actually means and whether there
is solid proof of that. Tribal
Justice is not blindfolded; it lifts its head and determines the guilt based on

Tribalism is definitely not
Christian in that there is no room for forgiveness, grace and reconciliation. Identity is important: as soon as you admit the crime
the “white privilege” will not be awarded to you.
You will start a life sentence for yourself
White. As soon as you regret being
Man, you will remain ashamed of life unless you adopt a transgender identity
and project yourself into a higher status of intersectionality than women.

When Paul wrote the Roman church
about how Christians should relate to larger society and the state, its
Words were against tribal affiliation and against tribal victims. Paul writes about AD 57 and is encouraged
Christians to avenge themselves for all injustices inflicted on God. He continues
suggests that God’s purpose for the government is to ensure justice. Therefore Christians should not do justice
their own hands. He says,

Romans 12: 17-19 repayment
no one is evil for evil, but think about what is honorable in the eyes
all.18 If possible, as far as it depends on you, live peacefully with everyone. 19 Beloved, never take revenge, but
Leave it to the wrath of God, because it is written: “Revenge is mine, I will do it
pay back, says the gentleman. “

Victim justice wants revenge
and reparation and will not settle for God’s righteousness. Christians, however, were asked to do so
repay their enemies with kindness. Paul

Rome. 12: 20-21 To
on the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed them; If he’s thirsty, give it to him
something to drink; because this way you will pile burning coals on his head. “ 21 Do not let evil overcome you, but overcome
evil with good.

The mob violence of today
Streets is exactly the opposite of what Paul asks Christians to do. Paul doesn’t support certain governments
who often need a prophetic voice of the injustice challenge they face
commit. However, he insists
that the minority status of Christians in the first century didn’t justify them
Reject government agency. He says,

Rome. 13: 1-4 Let
Every person is subject to government agencies. Because there is no authority
except from God, and those that exist have been used by God. 2 That’s why
Those who oppose the authorities oppose what God has appointed and those who
Resistance will pass judgment. 3 Because rulers are not terror for good behavior, but
too bad. Wouldn’t you be afraid of authority figures? Then do what is
well, and you will get his approval, 4 for he is God’s servant for you
Good. But if you do something wrong, be afraid, because he does not carry the sword for nothing.
Because he is the servant of God, an avenger who exerts God’s wrath on the world

In addition, Paul even says that
Christians should pay their taxes. He

Rome. 13: 6 for
For this reason, you also pay taxes because the authorities are ministers of God.
take care of this very thing. 7 numbers
everything that is owed to them: taxes to which taxes are owed, revenue to which revenue is owed
is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.

Christians could not withdraw from society
just because it wasn’t utopian or just because.
The Romans themselves were not impressed by the misguided government of
their emperors lately. The
The notorious Caligula, who ruled from AD 37 to 41, wasted government money in this way
that he imposed taxes on the population and confiscated property. Like Caligula, the ruling emperor Nero
funded his extravagant building programs from AD 54 to 68 – a way to try to win
Awareness – through tax increase. When Paul wrote
Romans in AD 57 or a little earlier he wrote in a construction period
on Nero’s decision in 58 AD to abolish taxes. The Roman citizens suffered from his
Tax policy, and yet Paul asks the Christian minority to pay it
Taxes. The logic for this is not
combined with the good use of these taxes, but with a Christian attitude towards them
World that does not allow tribal victims.
Earlier than the passages already quoted – and thus more context – Paul wrote:

Rome. 12: 14-16 Bless
those who persecute you; do not bless and curse them. 15 Rejoice with those who are happy to cry with you
those who cry. 16 Live in harmony with
each other. Do not be haughty, but connect with the lowly. Never be wise in your own eyes.

There is a “mood” in society and
in certain Christian circles, asking people to submit to the new narrative of
Tribal victims. We have to recognize
It is a very dangerous step to see justice through tribal lenses
with many negative effects. let us
For the sake of reasoning, let’s assume that there is structural racism in America. We then have to ask: “Is X or Y just or unjust?
because it is right or wrong or because it is done to a certain group? “ Laws must work the same for everyone – otherwise Lady
Justice has removed her blindfold. If
Christians believe that there are racial injustices, they have to demand equality
Justice. Murder is not wrong because of it
is done to a black man by a white cop; it’s wrong because no person
(including police officers) of any color (including whites) should murder a man (any color). In addition, justice is like
Paul argues, done by the government, not by street riots and revenge
that benefits the tribe – the privileged group.

Whether there are really structural ones
Racism in America (or elsewhere) is a different matter. There have been in the past, and
So there is no reason to rule out the possibility that it exists now or today
reappear. It may be that
Structural racism is in a different place from what is claimed or is claimed
soon, because by definition the victim of a tribe will help determine justice
the lines of privileging victims and oppressing their enemies. And it can be what some see as racism
is more a question of urban mismanagement over decades. If so, it is right for those who suffer from it
to say so, but if you do so by speaking out against “racism”, the result may be that the actual
Problems are never addressed. If the
For example, in Nairobi there are the same problems as in New York, maybe the problem is
not racism, but city administration. In one
Such a possibility cannot even be a tribal victim perspective
entertained, and no contrary facts will be of interest, researched or
powerful enough to overthrow the victim’s narrative.

The current situation, of course
in the US is more complicated. There is
more than tribal victims in the game.
There is also anti-authority and anti-naturalism
created a climate of constructed identities and takeovers. What we see on the streets is sloppy
powerful alliance of postmodernism, tribal victims and anarchy. As long as both want to overthrow the rule
Authorities of one kind or another will keep the alliance. Tribal victims, however, want access to and
Control of the authorities while anarchists want to destroy authority (though,
Of course, they would probably take it if they could destroy it.

However, Christians should not do this
buy in any of it. They should not
play with tribal identities and privilege one group over another. You shouldn’t repent for identities, but for
Sin – and call everyone to repent because everyone has sinned and lagged behind
Glory of God (Romans 3:23). If there is
Racism, the problems that need to be addressed are much deeper than attitudes
in terms of race or just race problems. They are topics like education, job
Opportunities, family dynamics and the impact of crime and drugs in the city
the settings. If we succumb to the social
We make narrative of Western culture more part of the problem
as God’s solution to humanity.

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