Keep working as if we were working from home Design

“The entire company will be working remotely starting tomorrow.”

“Take your technology, your belongings and your favorite coffee mug home with you – maybe you will work a little there.”

“Let’s talk about zoom about it.”

return to work

We all received a form of these instructions from our respective management a month ago. And unbelievable, the workforce turned dramatically as quickly as we were asked to do so. Sure, there were unique technology snafus, children who interrupted video calls, more dogs that barked. Nevertheless, we are efficient, advance projects and are reminded of how pleasant these interruptions (children, pets, etc.) can be and make us smile.

The dramatic transition has undoubtedly opened the eyes of the companies. Even those who already promote work from home did not plan for this scale of remote operations. Companies learn a lot about how they can promote corporate culture, what they need in their technical ecosystems, flexible planning guidelines, how we measure productivity, and much more.

At some point, the restrictions will be lifted and companies will begin to welcome employees back to work. When we do this, we make sure that we apply some of what we’ve learned and keep some of the things that make us smile a Part of our daily routine.

Here are Four ways that companies can do this:

Increase empathy

Most organizations recognize the extreme pressure that workers are currently facing. There is isolation, anxiety and increased mental health problems nationwide. Working parents juggle conferences Calls, lunch break and lessons in unprecedented fashion. Others worry about older parents and how to make sure to buy Food. Everyone is dealing with something new personally Challenges.

While these challenges may not be as easily visible when our working lives are normalized, you are always there in any shape, form or measure. Actually, these prints will likely increase if we go back to work while we arell all Be naturally concerned about social distancing and our personal health.

The key to the future is to maintain the increased empathy that companies are currently showing to their employees and communities. This can mean:

  • Communicate as your company depends on it: Since we lost our water coolers last month, regular communication has become even more important. At CannonDesign, our executives have sent daily updates based on compassion, sharing information, transparency and clarity about the future. There is no doubt that other organizations are taking similar approaches. This level of communication should be maintained. People feel valued and comforted by hearing from leaders what happens regularly. With email updates, webinars, virtual social hours and recognition programs, frequent and transparent communication is always a good strategy.
  • Improve access to wellness resources: Recognizing that our collective physical and mental wellbeing will be put to the test during the current crisis, companies have worked to improve wellness offerings. They highlight existing benefits that some may have overlooked, invest in new programs, and communicate consistently. It is always a wise investment to help employees lead a healthy lifestyle. These increased investments in wellness resources can help when we go back to our normal routines and beyond.
  • Flexibility is life: We are all people who try to do inspired work, be there for loved ones, go outside and live healthy. Video conferencing has only made this more visible. Once we’re back in our offices, we shouldn’t lose sight of our humanity. The flexibility that organizations provide their employees to manage life now should be embedded in our next normal. Showing empathy and allowing people to work unique hours, dial in remotely, and occasionally take a walk outside can reveal their full potential.

You can manage what you can’t see

One of the loudest arguments against working from home and flexible schedules were possible challenges for team management. People ask out loud: “How do I know that they work when I can’t see them?

To work from home

The answer is simple: results. Effort and ability don’t magically turn on when someone leaves the workplace. You can echo loudly from someone at home, in a cafe, or even outside in a park Wireless Internet access.

Let us remember it, even if we see each other again. “Butt in seats,” as the expression says, is not synonymous with productivity. Companies and their managers should strive to redesign employee expectations, performance measurement and policiesthis Encourage people to do their best work from anowhere. It is also important to consider which work activities are being carried out are best suited for personal time. Let us do everything we can to make the face to face time in which it occurs more targeted and to clearly define expectations.

Help people innovate outside of comfort zones

Take a look at the innovation that is taking place – partly due to need. Companies virtually interview for work, teams develop completely new workflows and processes. Partnerships are formed across industries and colleagues celebrate birthdays with beer delivery and drive-by parades. We are capable of so much in the face of the crisis.

Companies should consider how to empower teams to come up with ideas and ideas discover new ways work As soon as our next normality begins. It is easy to get lost in our routines and forget to lift your heads to hear new ideas. But, this shock for our social System, Has located just how much innovation is possible.

Perhaps it is time that companies do less to “formalize innovations” than to creatively place people and teams outside of their comfort zones.

Keep 20/20 vision in your community

Moments of crisis shouldn’t be the only time Organizations help their communities thrive. In the past month we have all seen differently types of Entities are rising Contribute resources, Creating protective equipment for health workers, delivering food to those stuck at home, and more. It is move and inspiring!

This increased corporate citizenship is a great silver lining for our present moment. Let’s do everything we can to make it part of our daily DNA. The more The businessit can do to Take an active role in helping our most vulnerable and address themEquality, and do more to enrich society – the better we all will be.

We look forward to seeing all of our colleagues, partners and the business world again. It may not seem that way at the moment, but we will have a day to grab Coffee, debate local sports and talk about how good it should be normal again. It all sounds great. Let’s just make sure it’s the next normal – one that’s fueled by the best results we’re getting today.

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