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FULAFIA part-time courses 2020/2021 academic session : Nigerian Education

Have you ever visited the Federal University Lafia? They would agree that the school is one of the best schools in Nigeria that offers both full-time and part-time courses despite the stress of the admission process.


Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development at the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) (CCEPD) is the body responsible for managing part-time admissions programs in FULAFIA. Candidates who apply for part-time admission often confuse full-time courses with part-time courses. They only assume that every course offered in the FULAFIA full-time course is equally offered in the context of FULAFIA part-time courses, but this is not always the case.

Many UTME students are now participating in part-time programs after not being admitted through UTME, and the good thing is that the B.Sc certificate doesn’t indicate whether it’s part-time or full-time, which makes it better.

Part-time courses are mostly exempt from courses in physics and life sciences, as well as courses such as pharmacy, medicine and surgery, mainly due to the amount of work that includes internships, excursions, consistent participation and other factors. Courses such as biology, chemistry, computer science and even some engineering courses are offered as part of FULAFIA part-time programs.

On the other hand, administrative courses such as accounting, business administration are the most frequently used courses in the context of part-time studies in FULAFIA. Among science courses such as computer science, biology, chemistry, physics as the most frequently registered part-time courses in FULAFIA part-time admission form. While accounting and business education are the most frequently requested part-time courses in FULAFIA for the Faculty of Education.

Please note that you do not need a JAMB to be admitted to FULAFIA part-time courses. All you need to do is get your correct O’level results and be at least 18 years old to qualify to purchase FULAFIA part-time degree programs. When creating this article, we will also provide the approved admission requirements for studying one of the part-time courses offered today in FULAFIA.

Some candidates or applicants often complain with the following statements:The course I applied for was not given to me. What should I do? I have met all admission requirements but have not been offered admission. How do I apply for FULAFIA part-time studies? What are the part-time courses offered in FULAFIA, what are the requirements to apply for a FULAFIA part-time course? What is the FULAFIA part-time admission restriction?

The questions above have an answer: Fulfillment of admission requirements. Any candidate who automatically meets the FULAFIA part-time admission requirement is not eligible and there are no two options.

A common requirement for FULAFIA part-time courses is that all O’level results require at least five (5) credit cards, which must include English and math and all other 3 O’Level subjects related to their degree program. HERE you can find the approved subject combination for FULAFIA part-time courses.

Admission requirements for FULAFIA part-time

Candidates who are interested in one of the part-time courses offered in FULAFIA must first meet the basic admission requirements before they can purchase the part-time admission form for FULAFIA online.

As a candidate, you must have received at least 5 credit cards in mathematics and English and 3 other subjects related to your enrolled degree. The list of courses and their correct subject combination can be found HERE.

The list above shows the part-time courses that are currently available in FULAFIA. Although it is an internally organized part-time program, the NUC has the right to discredit courses that do not meet the requirements regarding the quality of the lecturer, the teaching facilities and other criteria that should be listed in the FULAFIA part-time courses for academic courses Meeting.

Hope this is well understood? If you have any questions about FULAFIA part-time courses, their admission requirements and the FULAFIA part-time application form, please contact us via the comments section below. We will respond accordingly.

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