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House renovation and project planning during COVID-19 From: greening of houses

June 3, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything. For some homeowners, the timing came at a particularly bad time. Those in the middle of a renovation saw that their project was slowing down. Some wondered if their project would be interrupted for an unpredictable amount of time.

Fortunately, the Ontario government listed housing projects that started renovating before April 4 and had basic approval for single-family homes, semi-detached houses, and townhouses.

Technically, this allowed us to continue working on all of our projects, but in practice, most of our work has been interrupted or slowed down dramatically to accommodate the concerns of our customers and Subtrades, who isolate at home.

On April 30, the government released its Health and Safety Association guidelines for jobs during the COVID 19 outbreak. The guidelines for the construction sector cover everything from the responsibility of superiors and employees to handling paperwork.

These guidelines are essential to ensure the health and safety of customers and workers during the pandemic. Ontario law requires employers to keep workers and workplaces safe and safe. Combating the pandemic has simply been added to the list of protocols.

Builders and their employees must follow controls to limit the spread of the coronavirus. As everywhere, the workers, the delivery staff and the customers must be at least two meters apart. At our project locations, we are currently receiving materials with contactless delivery on the roadside. Subtrades now generally have exclusive access to the house while they are working, and homeowners are not allowed to stay on the premises while work is in progress.

The notification of our COVID-19 guidelines is located at the main entrance to each of our active construction sites, and each subtrade that enters the premises must provide a health statement. Our on-site teams wear face masks during work, and access to hand washing with soap and water or alcohol gel is standard. Every worker who feels sick must isolate himself immediately and obtain a clinical assessment by telephone.

Planning and estimating for new projects continues despite the temporary cessation of new approval applications to ensure that we are ready to move in immediately after the city reopens.

Personal meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings that allow sharing design proposals, estimates, and plans on the screen. With Google Earth and Street View, our team can assess construction sites remotely. Customers offer us virtual tours of their homes with a laptop or a mobile device in hand. The rapid transition to and acceptance of this “new normal” has ensured that our design and development work can continue until approval is submitted.

The ease and efficiency of these virtual tours and meetings was a revelation, and I suspect they will continue to be used after the pandemic.

So if you stare at your walls and imagine a change during the closure, you know that it is still very possible to continue planning your house renovation!

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