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We’ve all been there before: your smartphone or car is fine until you see a new, shiny one. Enterprise marketing automation software is no different.

We see this again and again with our customers: They are completely satisfied with their current email marketing platform until a new email service provider (ESP) appears who offers all sorts of new frills, everything from the integration of the SMS delivery up to provisioning All functions of a comprehensive CRM system.

The truth is that disconnecting from your email service provider should often be the last resort. Below are some considerations you need to consider before entering the migration area to get the most out of your current email marketing provider.

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1. Why migration should be your last resort

2. What add-on packages does your current ESP offer?

3. Try third-party integrations

4. Examine the segmentation with apps and Excel wizards

5. Experiment with tests that go beyond the subject line

6. Get coupon codes from Cuckoo

7. Conclusion: Work with what you have before you jump a ship

1. Why migration should be your last resort

Depending on the size of your list and how often you send it, it can take up to several months for a migration to a new email service provider to be completed.

This can also be very costly and involve the risk of downtime due to hiccups in the migration process.

We usually only recommend migration in certain circumstances:

  • Financially: A customer spends more on the platform than they should and can get the same functionality from another provider at a lower cost
  • Must-have function: A provider offers a unique killer feature that is critical to a customer’s business
  • Mature: A small to medium-sized company grows out of a more basic platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact

If the above doesn’t apply to you, but you still want to get more out of your ESP, read on.

2. Which add-on packages does your current ESP already offer?

Very rarely, providers offer a unified email marketing solution.

Almost every platform with which we work as an agency offers a variety of additional functions for an additional charge. Many vendors offer everything from text messaging to retargeting social media ads to search recovery or leave the shopping cart that can be pinned to your current platform.

3. Try third-party integrations

If you’re looking for something that your current ESP doesn’t offer, There is a good chance that third-party integration will take place with an external app that offers the same functionality.

These external apps are often significantly cheaper, but there is a catch: you may need to allocate additional development resources for the integration to work.

4. Explore advanced segmentation with third-party apps and Excel wizards

Ask one of our talented email specialists what he spends a lot of time on and he’ll likely answer: Create complex, highly defined segments to better align the customer list and deliver more relevant messages.

For example, a fashion customer wants to target women who live in the colder states, who have looked into the brand’s emails but have not yet purchased an email to get a discount on their latest jacket.

If there is a core function in which not all ESPs are created equal, these are the segmentation functions. What I described above could be easily handled by some ESPs, but not so much by others.

Email segments klaviyo

Source: Klaviyo

With some creative problem solving and the help of some third-party apps, e.g. For example, a gender API that can only accurately guess a contact’s gender based on their email address, or a geo-targeting API that lets you filter contacts by location based on their IP address. A competent Excel user can easily hack a list to re-upload to the ESP within minutes.

5. Experiment with tests that go beyond the subject line

Virtually every ESP offers basic test functions for subject lines and times of day.

Most also offer content or AB tests, i.e. H. Send two different email creatives to the same audience to see which ones perform better.

Email test pattern

If your ESP Not provide basic test elements, there are simple workarounds:

  • Take your main list you want to send to and split it in two. Upload them to your ESP again as separate lists
  • Create two separate campaigns for each creative and send them to the separate list (make sure you keep the same subject line and send time to keep the experiment as clean as possible).

6. Get coupon codes from Cuckoo

Static coupon codes are a double-edged sword.

There’s nothing worse than waking up and finding out that a 50% discount voucher reserved for a handful of VIP customers has hit the many voucher code websites. Now hundreds of orders have been placed where your company is losing money.

While using static coupon codes may be fine for smaller discount offers, it is important to choose who gets the steeper offers. Some ESPs offer a voucher manager that generates unique voucher codes that you can insert directly into live email as live HTML text to ensure that each contact you send to can only use it once.

Email reactivation campaign

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If your ESP Not offer a unique coupon solution?

Most ESPs allow you to create a unique field that you can map to a contact’s email address. Create an Excel file with the contacts you want to send unique codes to, create your own unique codes in the next column and upload them again.

With a little HTML logic and a few tests, you have now created your own voucher code management system.

7. Conclusion: Work with what you have before you jump a ship

This may not come as a surprise, but your current ESP provider may want to keep you as a customer.

If you are not satisfied with your current ESP, contact your account manager and ask how they can help you implement the features you want, or if there are workarounds to get the same result.

At Tinuiti we are an ESP agnostic agency. We never push customers to migrate ESPs when it doesn’t make sense for them. We want our customers’ current email marketing platforms to do as much as possible to add value.

And with our wording Hundreds Because of our years of experience in collective email marketing on all conceivable platforms, it is known that we use e-commerce magic.

If you are still stuck in an ESP situation, contact our CRM and email team.

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