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Protesters in Times Square.
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The murder of George Floyd by the police has led to this Demonstrations against police violence that have spread from Minneapolis across the country in the past seven days. To support the protests, people in Minneapolis and Australia have invested money in bail other cities as well as local chapters from Black lives count and organizations like Request the block back in Minneapolis. Some New York restaurant owners and chefs have committed to making donations to support these organizations – a significant act of solidarity, though they rarely stick to it.

These protests occurred (and could) amid the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic reason a second wave) that has already killed black Americans twice as often as other Americans. Black-owned companies are struggling to stay to openwithout access to state relief and the number of working black entrepreneurs like 40 percent – most of each group. New York yesterday Times reported that less than half of black adults now have a job. Millions have already found ways to support and help. Below is a list of companies, farms, and organizations that represent the values ​​of the best parts of the food world and that could use your support now, next week, and in the future.

Food organizations
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Combating food insecurity in Detroit’s black community through urban agriculture and self-reliance.

Black urban breeders
Founded by activist and farmer Karen WashingtonIt hosts a national conference and is working to build support for food producers and leadership in food justice and sovereignty.

The Okra project
A New York collective that provides black transsexuals with free homemade meals.

Soul fire farm
A BIPOC-centered community farm in New York State that fights racism and injustice in our food system.

Drink pumpkin farms
Establishment of a network of black gardeners and farmers in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Georgian group that supports black farmers.

The food industry
More complete lists of black owned restaurants in new York, San Francisco, and los Angeles. baobab is a directory of black-owned companies in the Bay Area, and Brooklyn owned by the black is a guide for its district of the same name. Here are some companies that have donated to or accepted donations to support hospital staff.

Ode to Babylon
Crown Heights Bar donates some sales to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

With the National Action Network and the Care Org, Sylvia’s distributions of Sunday meals were held in the pantry.

Somali restaurant that feeds Harlem hospital workers.

West African restaurant that feeds hospital workers.

More companies
The Twitter user RetiredLineCook has one thread about companies that don’t make it on lists. Is your own business Cheffing While Blackwho have sold Sauces and Spices.

Black Visions Collective
A black, trans, and queer-led organization fighting for black liberation.

David McAtee Family Fund
A fund to support the family of David McAtee, who owned YaYa’s BBQ and was killed in a protest by the Louisville police. His mother and nephew say It was known that he gave free meals to people, including law enforcement agencies.

Floyd Family Fund
A fundraiser to support George Floyd’s family.

Request the block back
A coalition in Minneapolis focused on separating from the police and investing in alternatives.

Black Trans Futures Fund
A fund to support intersex, non-binary, trans and gender-sensitive people during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Aid to Southern Communities
A fund to support black women and girls in the deep south during the coronavirus pandemic.

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