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For over 22 years, the Kinnaman family has run an 11,000 square meter store at 670 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Originally known and loved as Kinnaman’s furniture, the company took a new direction in 2019.

“After my mother Niki processed furniture worth three tractor units a week for 20 years, she was ready to retire,” said Michelle Kinnaman. “Or at least half retire and hand over most of the business to me. And I was ready to change the business model. “

But Niki is definitely part of the operation. Michelle and Niki are a mother-daughter duo that shows no signs of slowing down. However, Michelle’s new business model allows them to give something back, support others and still stay in touch with the customers they have come to know and love after more than two decades in business.

Overview of your home marketplace

“We’re no longer just a furniture store,” said Michelle. “We are a mall with over 75 retailers in our store. But to be clear – we are not an antique mall. It would be most accurate to call ourselves a designer boutique mall. We are extremely choosy about our suppliers and have an incredible selection of household items, gifts and clothing! The sky is really the limit when it comes to the unique selection of inventory on your home marketplace. “

She continued: “The shop has to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. People are always surprised on their first visit. We don’t look that big from the outside, but there is a lot to discover inside. Our suppliers have put together their inventory so beautifully and invitingly – you could spend hours looking for and discovering new things! “

The seller

From original works of art to reused household goods to vintage items and handmade gifts – the suppliers who present their goods on your home marketplace are in excellent company. “We choose our suppliers by hand,” said Michelle. “And we currently have a waiting list. We were very proud that 90% of our suppliers signed with us when our first six-month supplier contracts were extended. This is a testament to the relationship we have cultivated and developed with them as we act as a link between their inventory and the customers who visit our shop.

“Our suppliers are very proud of their allocated space. Each sales room is tastefully decorated and never overloaded. The supplier inventory sells quickly, so there is always something new to see. Our business is neat and clean, and our suppliers have helped create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our customers. “

Something for every room

Michelle and Niki Kinnaman are hardly passive when it comes to business. Even though the inventory is constantly changing and based on more than 75 providers, they still know what they have in the house and where things are. They also know what their customers want. “We have found that the millennial generation loves the mid-century modern look, and we have several vendors that offer this type of furniture and home accessories,” said Michelle. “After 20 years in the furniture business, it was fun to see how things evolve and decorate like a new generation with some of the unique pieces that intersect in our store. And we have the popular modern and modern farmhouse from the middle of the century, market patterns as well as misused and antique furniture.

“We can also help anyone looking for something specific,” she continued. “While summer is in full swing, setting up an outdoor living room is a priority for many families. We have a lot of garden furniture and accessories in stock, as well as carpets both indoors and outdoors, which make a deck or terrace very cozy. We have some wonderful wind chimes just begging to have tea on a lazy summer evening! “

An art gallery

“We have a lot of local artists and two nationally known artists on your home marketplace,” said Michelle. “We are so proud of the talent in our community. Some real artisans live in Winston-Salem and our walls are covered with their work. The artwork in the store is really unique and offers everything from cityscapes to landscapes. “

A gift shop

“Maybe it’s a gift! Our suppliers’ inventory includes everything from food to jewelry, children’s games and clothing, candles, baskets, books, mirrors, works of art, bags and much more! It is impossible to list them all! But one a few points to point out… One of our vendors invented a really creative “bowl-the-holder.” These are rounded and shaped coasters that a bowl can sit in while being cooked in the microwave and removed from the microwave without causing burns! It’s so smart and it does it in college and national team patterns!

“We also have two artisans who make handmade tables from different types of wood such as black walnut, mahogany and cherry. They are incredible and functional works of art! “

Michelle also said that Your Home Marketplace is the ultimate destination for gifts for all ages for hard-to-buy customers. “One of the most unique pieces in the store is an original antique wooden pinball machine! Which father wouldn’t love that? It is around the 1930s and in perfect condition! It is a great showpiece and a definite conversation starter! “

Your home marketplace is online

For the Kinnamans, it’s not just about the success of their business. It’s about the success of ALL companies represented in their business. “We care about our suppliers and their success,” said Michelle. “We essentially support more than 75 small business owners through our own small business. And we are tireless when it comes to advertising our providers online and on social media. We constantly update Facebook and Instagram with pictures of our inventory and present the available products. And on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 7.30 p.m. I will be hosting “Live with Lee” on Facebook! “

“Live with Lee is our bi-weekly online meeting with our customers, where they can conveniently make special pop-up sales from home and get to know some of our suppliers! We had a lot of fun with “Live with Lee” and look forward to continuing it regularly. It’s a great way to shop if you haven’t had time to stop by the shop! “

In addition to her Facebook and Instagram accounts, Michelle is also busy updating the Facebook marketplace! “We are working hard to publicize the ever-changing inventory of our business,” said Michelle. “We let customers from Georgia drive all the way because we are committed to making our business bigger than the four walls of our physical location.

“Supporting small businesses has always been important,” said Michelle. “It’s the infrastructure of the American economy! And it has never been so important to shop small and locally. Our COVID-19 world has devastated our economy, but we are proud that our business helps others. We support with our clients local entrepreneurs and artists. It’s the best kind of business! “

Your home marketplace is located at 670 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Call the store 336.659.0099 or visit it online at Like your home marketplace on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! If you are a provider who wants to know more about your home marketplace, visit the shop with pictures of your goods. Michelle and Nikki will check. There is currently a waiting list to become a provider on your home marketplace.


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