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Top 10 countries for Nigerian students to study abroad.

Top 10 countries for Nigerian students who want to study abroad …There is a lot to consider when it comes to Nigerians and education abroad. Criteria like the nation’s image in the country, how many Nigerians are there in the country.

Top 10 countries for Nigerian students to study abroad

Do you want to know which countries Nigerians travel to for foreign education?

Every year, around 1.9 million Nigerian school leavers take part in the compulsory entrance examination at 150 public and private universities in the country. Higher institutions can only accommodate about 600,000 students. Adding that to the poor perception of the Nigerian education system, it’s no surprise that overseas is the goal of many Nigerian students looking for quality higher education.

Where do most Nigerian students go to study?

  1. Russian Federation

The Nigerians represent one of the numerous groups of all foreign students studying in the Eastern European countries of Russia and Ukraine. There are currently more than 3,300 Nigerian students studying in Ukraine. Even with that Bilateral education agreement between Nigeria and RussiaThe Federal Ministry of Education has gradually increased the number of Nigerian students studying in Russia in recent years. UNESCO put the number at 777 Nigerian students studying in Russia in 2016.

  1. Hungary

Hungary is gradually becoming a target country for foreign education, according to the latest UNESCO survey. Three quarters of international students who come to Hungary come from only ten countries, while a quarter of the students come from another 100 countries. One of these ten countries is Nigeria. Hungary has attracted more than a thousand Nigerian students due to its sophisticated medical program. The University of Debrecen is one of the best and best known schools in the country and has over 700 Nigerian students, more than half of whom are taking courses in the medical field.

  1. United Arab Emirates

Universities in the UAE have been included in the world ranking of universities. In addition, a number of high-level universities in other countries have branches in the UAE. These include branches of the Australian University of Wollongong, the British Middlesex University and the US Michigan State University. Of more than 200 international branches worldwide in 2016, 41 were in the UAE. This means that there are more branches in the UAE than in any other country in the world. This is part of the ambition of the Emirates, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to become educational centers without sacrificing quality. It was reported that around 1,755 Nigerian students were studying in the UAE in 2016.

  1. Saudi Arabia

You will be surprised to find Saudi Arabia on the list. But you will be interested to know that in 2016, 1,915 Nigerian students studied in Saudi Arabia. Arabic states; Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates endeavor to recruit foreign students. These three countries accounted for 4% of the global share of mobile students.

  1. South Africa

In terms of internationalization and cooperation with foreign institutions, which are important prerequisites for a successful assessment and ranking of high institutions, South African universities lead other African universities. The country attracted 32% of sub-Saharan Africa’s mobile students in 2016 and is rapidly becoming a study destination for Nigerian students with a reported population of 2,525 students in 2016. A disadvantage (aside from recent xenophobic attacks on other Africans), according to In this article by a Nigerian graduate student in South Africa, despite all the local and international resources available in South Africa, non-South African students have difficulty accessing scholarships.

  1. Canada

Canadian universities and colleges are known for their high level of education, variety of programs and friendliness to international students. UNESCO reported that 3,257 Nigerian students were studying in Canada in 2016. According to Ambassador Perry John Calderwood, Canadian High Commissioner in Nigeria, more than 6,000 Nigerian students studied at Canadian universities in 2014. He also said that Nigeria turned 8th largest source of foreign students in Canada. There are Scholarships to study in Canada.

  1. Malaysia

The Malaysian government has set an ambitious goal to become the world’s sixth largest education exporter by 2020. As a result, the Malaysian university sector is advancing rapidly, making it a popular choice of course for international students. According to Vanguard News, there are approximately 13,000 Nigerian students at Malaysian universities. However, several cases have been reported where Nigerian students in this country have been marginalized. Constant intimidation, harassment and illegal arrest by the Malaysian authorities. Such cases led to an open letter from Nigerian students in Malaysia to President Jonathan to intervene on their behalf. Due to the low cost of living, the relatively low tuition fees and the worldwide recognition of academic qualifications, it is still a study destination for 13,000 Nigerians. The Malaysian government also offers scholarships to its international students.

  1. United States

The United States has some of the best schools in the world with high quality education and countless extracurricular activities. There is no doubt why it is the second country on the list of Nigerian students. In 2014, the U.S. Embassy found that 7,318 Nigerian students were studying at more than 700 universities in the United States. According to Ms. Jennifer Onyeukwu, Head Education USA Advising Center (EAC), 80 percent of Nigerian students studying in the US in 2014 received partial and full scholarships from schools. Six students received them MasterCard Foundation scholarship from $ 311,140 per year for 4 years.

  1. Ghana

In a public lecture by Lamido Sanusi, the former CBN governor, he said:While there is no comprehensive data on the number of Nigerian students abroad, recent data has shown that about 71,000 Nigerian students in Ghana pay about $ 1 billion in tuition and maintenance fees annually, compared to an annual budget of $ 751 million for all Nigerians Federal universities”. This number of students reported by the former CBN governor is far from the UNESCO report of 13,919 Nigerian students studying in Ghana in 2016. This is an increase of 50% over 2012. However, the point is that Ghana is a top target for many Nigerians to advance their studies.

  1. Great Britain

Britain remains the number one destination for Nigerian students to study abroad. In 2016, 17,973 Nigerians studied at British universities. Mr Iain Steward, Member of the British Parliament, said that around 2020, around 30,000 Nigerian students would study at British universities. This figure makes up 7% of the total UK university population. As a result, there are several UK scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students and more scholarships yearly.

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