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Monkey Rounds is a left-to-right scroll racing game for young children (6-8 years). The weird protagonist has to jump over obstacles, catch bananas and avoid flying coconuts to improve, and is finally rewarded with his own monkey car! This game will give the youngsters the feeling of having their own game because they, like their older siblings, deserve bragging rights.

Features are:

  • Levels cross 5 different worlds
  • Diverse obstacles
  • Possibilities to “power up” by catching bananas
  • Challenge friends who can achieve the most success
  • Drive the monkey car with your steering device


Monkey Rounds is a high quality app with simple controls and gameplay that appeal to the intended age group. The user interface is a simple tap to control the character and make it jump. All children have to do is find the right timing. However, I had problems learning to correctly measure my jumps – a child with less coordination and judgment can sometimes be frustrated.

There is outdoor advertising, but they do not interrupt the game, appear between rounds and are offered in exchange for more playing time. The artwork is clear and cartoon-like, with some of the cutest flying pigs and pelicans for opponents as the game progresses. There are no clear specific directions, but the game is very simple, so none are really needed. You can visit the developer’s website at


This app isn’t really meant to be educational, but the developers have added a few advantages so that children can still learn. The most obvious is a voice-over that counts the bananas collected. Children hear a number word for every banana they snatch from the sky.

A more subtle but perhaps more important pedagogical benefit is the exercise that children get with coordination and skill. If you judge exactly when to tap the screen to make the monkey jump, and later learn how to control the monkey car by tilting the device, some examples of how this app helps young children develop their skills improve.


Who doesn’t love monkeys? Especially when they bounce over tree trunks and boulders and try to snap bananas while avoiding flying coconuts that are flung by winged pigs? In other words, this app contains many elements that young children find giggling. Add this with the element of playing a game that looks very similar to what older children like and that makes this game a winner from a child’s perspective. The campaign is so simple that most children quickly feel successful and the five worlds make the challenges more varied.


Although this app can be downloaded for free, there are plenty of ads, and some parents may want to preview them before teenagers can use them unattended. If you want, you can purchase an ad-free version. If advertising for your young child is allowed, the app is likely to occupy it for a while as it covers 20 levels with increasingly difficult challenges.

Child friendliness

This app is easy to use for children, but not particularly child-friendly. Some ads appear at the bottom of the screen after the character has “died” and are protected by a parent gate that requires easy addition with amounts less than 10. Since children in kindergarten through second grade learn this skill at school, this is not a particularly effective facility. You can also “buy” a sequel to the game or buy additional bananas by watching a thirty-second video ad. This is not protected at all, but it does allow children to click directly into the App Store. The ads I saw were all for age-appropriate or at least G-rated gaming apps so the content didn’t seem to be a problem, but many families should carefully consider whether or not to allow children access to them. However, a purchase of ninety-nine cents removes the advertisement.

  • NO accessible external links to the Internet
  • NO social media
  • YES outside of advertising, some unprotected
  • YES in-app purchase, but behind a parent gate (math)





Child friendly

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