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HIIT Stepper Workout - full body, 30-minute HIIT workout with a stepper and medium weight. #homeworkout #stepperworkout #stepworkout #workoutvideo

This hiit stepper workout takes 30 minutes (28.5 to be exact). I know that not everyone has access to a stepper or step bench in their home / apartment, so I don’t post many workouts that require them as equipment. However, I have one with my parents. When I visit, I like to put together stepper workouts for those who have one. 🙂

HIIT stepper workout


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This hi-stepper workout is divided into three cycles. You will receive three exercises in each round. You go through them with an interval structure of 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Let sit for 30 seconds at the end of each sentence. Let it rest for 60 seconds at the end of each completed cycle. Here is a breakdown:

Exercise 1 (30 seconds)
Break 10 sec
Exercise 2 (30 sec.)
Break 10 sec
Exercise 3 (30 seconds)
Break 30 sec

Repeat the process a total of four times alternately between the right and left side of the body.

As with all workouts, you want to make sure you are properly warmed up beforehand and always listen to your body by modifying or stopping it as needed. I have two guided warm-up exercises:

Breakdown of training

The times in brackets in the video above provide a preview of the individual exercises and information on changing them.

Circuit 1 (2:11)

  • Offset squat to increase knee drive
  • Offset squat jump – 180 x2
  • Tick ​​Tocks

Circuit 2 (12:06)

  • Moved push-up to Kickthrough
  • Plank Row 2x – Crossbody Crunch
  • Ascend with 1 DB overhead (SA Shoulder Press below)

Circuit 3 (22:05)

  • Bulgarian Lung DB Press
  • Offset Squat Knee Drive Torso Twist – Squat Hop
  • Squat Jack on Stepper – Plank Jack hands on stepper

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