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I often have the question: do you know where I can get a comfortable chair or couch that is stylish?

In an ideal world, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one to have the other. In reality it is difficult to find both. In the world of staging, I quote the great Billy Crystal “Fernando”

It is better to look good than to feel good.

When I started designing for people’s homes, including my own, comfort suddenly became as important as style.

I fully understood this concept of comfort and style through personal experience. I was so excited when I found a really slim, mid-century inspired minimalist couch with fantastic legs, a low profile (the back is not very high) and a scratchy but cool looking fabric. What makes it minimal is that the pillows are thinner, i. H. The opposite of crowded. We couldn’t wait to see it in the room and it looked fabulous, but after living with it in the family / movie room, my dog ​​and husband couldn’t wait to donate it to the production. This streamlined beauty is the star of my collection of productions, but has not met my family’s comfort needs. I get it!

Since then I have been thinking about this question of form or, in addition to the function, about comfort, which, for reasons of argument, represents function.

I asked myself the existential question; What is a comfortable couch? I have distilled the elements of comfort according to three basic principles.

  1. Your body feels supported in the right places.
  2. The fabric feels good / cozy / comfortable on your skin.
  3. The quality of the construction. It is important that you feel good about something.

With this in mind, I presented new ideas for buying furniture. I have spared no furniture store, including used, customs, and retail stores, searched the internet, and went to shipment locations. I’ve found some great pieces in high-end consignment stores, but this isn’t for everyone to sit on. I have also had amazing success with the company Define interior. I designed my own couch that was fun and easy.

You choose the leg design, depth and fabric. Then they do it for you. Dead easy. It arrived after an excruciatingly long time, yes, it takes longer because it is made to order. The experience of this couch is like a nap on a green velvet cloud. That’s right, I chose an emerald green, hard-wearing fabric that feels velvety and is heavenly. There it magically hovers in our library room. I love it even more because it loves me back.

To go, there’s a mix of comfort and style. You just have to find it.

My 88-year-old father recently moved in with my husband and me. We have an armchair in our house. It was a gift for my husband. I found a great looking / comfortable armchair from West Elm. Tip; West Elm has great loungers.

It wasn’t long before my father and husband started a subtle but obvious fight dance for the mooring properties. I started to accept that I had to buy another armchair for Dad. I also know the type of seating that my father really likes, and it’s not West Elm. Pictures of the 80s, overflowing with a few mustard and / or chilli stains, kept me awake at night. For my father, I knew that the chair had to be super comfortable and easy to enter and leave. All problems are just design options, right? I had an idea, I was looking for a combination of vintage and really, really comfortable and well done. I found it on the Facebook marketplace. Yes, it was used but was never used. We put it in his room and he loves it and I love that he feels comfortable and my husband has his chair back.

The moral of the story is one that I come back to after every design lesson; Function is form. In other words, furniture is ultimately a comfort tool. If it offers the highest and most intended function, it is beautiful and will always be stylish.

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