Weekend at Lake Martin, AL :DIY Home Decor

I’m back today from a boating trip with a fun tour of Lake Martin, AL. We had such a nice weekend trip with Mark’s sister and brother-in-law and his parents. The absence definitely made me forget the pandemic for a few days and the weather was perfect. Lake Martin is a 44,000 hectare reservoir with over 750 miles of wooded coastline. It is a large lake that is very extensive and a beautiful hidden gem in AL. It is very popular with AL locals for second homes as well as people in Georgia.

Take a boat tour through the houses on Martinsee. I visited Lake Martin for the first time when I lived in Birmingham and it has been at least 11 or 12 years since I was there. It’s still the beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, our GA lakes don’t even come close to the beauty of Lake Martin.

Kim and David are in a remote swamp (pronounced sloo) on Lake Martin in the district of The Harbor. It’s calm and peaceful, and it was fun watching everyone on their docks, swimming in the water, and enjoying the weekend weather. This is a neighboring house.

And that’s the way it is. Notice the waterfalls that many people build on the sloping plots. There are many beautiful landscapes and rocks that have been brought in for rustic beauty.

I will not talk about every picture, but enjoy the view. I love that Martinsee has a multitude of houses, all of which are unique. Some are big and some are small huts and it was nice to see both.

I loved this little lake house with the screened-in porch on the back.

Mark and I on the boat.

Someone told me that this little island has a name, but I don’t remember it now. It’s a house on its own little island near some other houses.

Chimney Rock is a famous viewpoint on Lake Martinsee. Note the graffiti and there are two jumping places people use, a lower and an upper one. The top one looks pretty shocking to me! On the first day we were out there were only jumpers on the lower rock.

But the next day the top rock jumper had. We heard a man jump off the top rock and have to be brought to the hospital to have accidents. Kim said it happens quite often that people get hurt when jumping. Definitely not something I would do with the lower one.

Chimney rocks Lake Martin

You can see a sweater here on the lower rock.

And one jumps on the top rock here.

So many beautiful houses on Martinsee.

A lot of stone was brought to this property and such a beautiful view from the water.

Another house next door to your house. I loved this and it was just sold.

Another look at the house I called Tara. It was breathtaking and decorated for Memorial Day.

Mark was relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

I remember seeing this house the last time I was at Lake Martin, but this house is famous for being the former home of convicted criminal and businessman Richard Scrushy from Birmingham. He built this house, I think, and it’s something else! This is the side view with the boathouse and the docks.

And that’s the front of the house. It’s at a nice point. I have no idea who it belongs to now, but it will forever be known as the Scrushy House I imagine. We just saw a documentary about him on Netflix that is part of the Trial by Media series, and it was so interesting. I heard this story when I lived in Birmingham, but it was interesting to see the whole thing.

This house was one of my favorites. Reminds me of Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Another shot of it.

Loved this little cottage on a nice grassy spot.

They took us to this house of Attorney Jim Scott, who is famous for his gardens on Lake Martin. It was beautiful, but my pictures really don’t do it justice. There were plants and garden art everywhere and the house was so beautifully hidden in the forest. I found that the house was a house designed by Bobby McAlpine.

This article from Birmingham Home and Garden, A not so secret garden tells the story of Jim’s garden and how it came about, as well as many beautiful pictures. We only saw it from the boat, so I can imagine what a pleasure it is to go to a party there. Definitely do yourself a favor, click this link and read it!

If you want to see more pictures of Jim’s garden, you can find one here Style blueprint Articles with even more pictures. I loved his quote in this article “I killed about a million unfortunate Yankee plants, and everyone says that you can’t grow them in the south, and by God I prove they are absolutely right.”

And that’s a wrap from Lake Martin, AL! I hope you enjoyed this tour. We really enjoyed being there!

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