Vacation – on hold? Canceled? Or something completely different? Canada Education

Doug Peterson‘S Yesterday’s blog post continues to burden me. I’ve never been a big vacationer and usually don’t go out in the summer – often choose to instead work for part of the summer – but this year I had plans.

The first vacation plan will not seem like a vacation to many, but I’ve been looking forward to it for months. I was on my way to Peterborough. Okay, maybe this is just a short drive away, but I’ve wanted to do this Peterborough trip for years, but I never did because the timing never really worked. However, this year I was determined to take part The MEHRIT centerSummer symposium. I finally wanted to meet people I had wanted to meet for years and never had the opportunity. I already registered for the whole week in November and counted down the days until July!

Although I realize that a conference is not normally considered a vacation, I have wanted to talk and think about people who share my passion for self-reg for years. And I was finally Finally, will meet Stuart Shanker and Cathy Lethbridge: two people I always wanted to meet! I know that my safety is more important than a conference, but my heart still hurts for this cancellation. (And yes, I realize that this is a privileged perspective, but I want to be honest here.)

The second vacation is actually not mine, but one that my sister and her family wanted to take. My sister and her family live in the United States and that’s why I don’t see them very often. They wanted to go to Ontario for my nephew’s birthday in late August. He hasn’t been to Canada since childhood and I was so excited to show him different rooms now that he’s a teenager. But with festival cancellations, pool closings and hotel problems, they had to cancel their trip. Again I understand why and I know that they’re lucky enough to rebook, but it still hurts.

While I think my summer will be filled with work now (from home, but still linked to education) and reading (It’s no surprise that I like to do that), I still miss this not so vacation Vacations. Oddly enough, this unrelated tweet that I sent yesterday morning made me think a lot about this vacation topic.

As others even mentioned in my answer, people don’t just make these connections through books.

The corona virus takes over our lives and lets us see almost everything differently.

  • Will books, films and TV shows slowly represent our COVID-19 world? Do we want them to do it?
  • Will social gatherings and festivals be possible again in the same way as before?
  • Even if the world opens up, how fast will we go back to normaland will this change “normally”?

It is difficult for me to imagine a life after COVID. As much as I want my vacation options from this year to be mine for next year, I wonder if this will be possible.

At the moment I’m trying to decide when mine #extendedMarchBreakRead Instagram hashtag will #SummerofCOVIDReading hashtag. Maybe the transition will be more seamless than I think. At the moment I am grateful that my summer of reading can continue, even if my thoughts on these books could be influenced by our pandemic. I wonder if we all need a little normalcy in our lives now, no matter how small it may be. What do you think? How do you find it? We hope that all of your summer plans keep you and your family healthy, happy, and safe. the things that matter most!


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