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We were to travel around the world for the past two years. It’s still incredible to think about! Since 2018 we have been living with our must-have travel items from a backpack and are slowly traveling through different countries around the world.

We have traveled through the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy and France. We also traveled through Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam. Now we are back in the US for the summer and are only planning to calm down for the next few months.

We met many families on our trip. And some things families always ask us are: what’s in your backpack? What do you take with you when you travel? What do you and your family need to have as a travel item?

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Must have travel items for long-term travel
Traveling through Dulles Airport (May 2019)

Adopt a minimalist mindset when putting together our travel items

In recent years we have worked hard to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. Nowadays, the possessions we don’t travel with can easily fit in a 15-foot Uhaul truck. But that was not always the case. There was a time when we filled a 2,000 square meter house with things.

The path to becoming a minimalist traveler was not easy and took a long time. We literally went through every property we owned and asked ourselves, “Is this something we want to come back to in three years?”

Even now as we travel, we continue to go through this process of evaluation and purification. We collect things over the course of our month or longer in travel destinations around the world. We buy souvenirs. We collect things. And when we have our packing days, we go through all of our world travel items and ask ourselves, “Is that something we want to carry around for three years?”

Minimalism is a daily practice. It actively chooses to live without things, but also mindfully to live with the things you have.

so what are Ours must have travel items?

Even though we’re pretty minimalist travelers, we still have a lot with us. As a rule, our bags contain two 75-liter pieces of luggage as well as 4 backpacks, which we take with us as hand luggage. We also have a ukelele with us. It is our own luxury item that is actually a necessity for our mental health.

But when it comes to our travel items, the list is relatively short. Aside from clothing, school supplies, children’s toys, and work-related materials, we try to choose things that are necessary for us in a variety of situations. In fact, many of these travel items must also be things you can have at home. So you wouldn’t have to travel to use these things.

Really, I just want to give you all a glimpse of our daily lives as we travel the world and tell you about our long-term travel essentials.

Passport, diary and sunglasses, some must have travel essentials
Minimizing our travel equipment (May 2018)

# 1: packing cubes

One of the most basic travel items we need to take with us is packing cubes. These are great for keeping all your clothes in one place. We have one for each family member. And we also use different sized packaging cubes to organize our loose items like toys, travel electronics and even shoes! The packaging cubes that we take with us are BagailBut there are also many other high-quality packaging cubes.

Packaging cubes, one of the must-have travel items
Packing cubes for travel (November 2016)

# 2: A waterproof jacket

When it comes to minimal packaging, the key is choosing clothing that is useful in a variety of situations, especially in the outside gear. We like to take waterproof jackets with us because they are light enough to serve as rain jackets but sturdy enough to serve as winter coats when we put a sweater or pad underneath. i like mine Columbia women’s jacket because they are functional and yet stylish.

With my jacket in Vietnam (February 2020)

# 3: water bottle

Another must we always travel with is a water bottle. This is not an old water bottle. This bottle is called a GRAYand it has a built-in water filter and air purifier. So you can essentially drink water from anywhere in the world. And you no longer have to rely on buying bottled water.

A gray water bottle, one of the most important travel items for families
Our gray bottle in Mexico (November 2018)

# 4: travel scale

Something we never travel without is a miniature travel scale. This travel item must be a vanity choice. But we like to carry one with us, like that NewlineNY Step On Super Mini Travel Scaleto make sure we stay healthy and don’t have too much fun while traveling if you know what I mean. In fact, weighing scales come in handy when you need to make sure your pockets are within the 50 pound weight limit.

Stay active in Vietnam (February 2020)

# 5: knife sharpener

We like to cook a lot when we travel. But when we get to our apartments, the knives are always dull and boring. For this reason, one of our most important travel items is a knife sharpener like that of Faberware. It can be folded up small and compact and allows us to sharpen these blunt knives according to our wishes.

Making homemade pasta in Italy (June 2019)

# 6: carbon monoxide detector

One of the most important pieces of equipment we take with us is a Carbon monoxide detector. Every year, over 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States. We live a lot in older houses and buildings. And often they are not well ventilated. Last year we had carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico when a water heater in our Airbnb was not venting properly and was essentially building up carbon monoxide in our room. The carbon monoxide detector literally saved our lives!

Our carbon monoxide detector that saved our lives (January 2019)

# 7: tablets and other electronic devices

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, but our children’s tablets and electronic devices are among our most important travel items. We use them not only for entertainment, but also for homeschooling. Our children use their iPads to calculate, read and even practice writing. My son makes stop motion films on his iPad, and my daughter designs fashion clothes and graphic design artwork on her. When carrying an electronic device, ensure that it is protected in a sturdy housing. We like covers like that AVOWO children’s case.

An iPad in a purple protective case, one of the most important travel items for families
Using our tablet for music lessons (April 2020)

# 8: HDMI cable and adapter

We like to watch films while traveling, but nothing is worse than watching a film on a laptop. So we travel with one HDMI cable. This allows us to connect our laptops to the TV. And since my laptop doesn’t have an input of this size for the HDMI cable, we also have an adapter with us. We take that Mokin HDMI adapter.

A laptop, one of the most important travel items
Using our laptop for entertainment (April 2020)

# 9: Bluetooth speaker

We are also big music lovers in our family. I mean, who doesn’t like to rock to music in their living room or in their kitchen? We take a Bluetooth speaker with us when traveling. We have that UE boom, but you can find a number of other good quality speakers that you can easily travel with.

Playing music at our Airbnb in Vietnam (April 2020)

# 10: Backpacks with a fabric pull

Our last travel items must be Drawstring backpacks. We use them as laundry bags that fit into our packaging cubes. The use of drawstring backpacks for laundry bags is ideal, since on the laundry day every person and adult can bring their laundry to the laundromat or laundry. We bought some cute handmade drawstring backpacks from retailers in Mexico in 2019, but you can buy your own fabric backpacks online. We like cotton or canvas instead of nylon or polyester because we can put them in the laundry with our clothes.

Carrying our Drawstring Backpacks in Mexico (November 2018)

If you take them with you, you must have travel items everywhere

These are some of the things we like to take with us when we travel the world. They really help us make traveling a lot easier. And they offer you some home comforts no matter where you are in the world.

What things do you like to travel with? Or what are some of the most important travel items you have at home that you just can’t live without? Let me know!

Travel essentials must be available: A packing guide for nomad families The wandering daughter

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