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In the 80s and 90s the trend was that all woods match. Your floors matched your cladding that matched your doors that matched your kitchen cabinets, and even went so far that all of the wood parts in your furniture were the same color.

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At that time, honey oak or golden oak was the big deal and there was really an oak sea when you entered houses from that time. You still see many of these oak stains in cabinets and decorations, but many people are fed up with it and it is considered very outdated.

What you want to see in a house now is contrast. So if you have two pieces of wood side by side, one is darker than the other.

For example:

If you want a dark stained island, make sure your floors are lighter.


If you want wooden cabinets, make sure your floors are lighter or darker than your cabinets.


It’s okay to mix in painted pieces as well. A white kitchen, a gray island and dark floors.


The same rule applies to your furniture. When things don’t go together, they add character, interest and depth to a home. It feels like it has been acquired over time, rather than having everyone bought in the same area of ​​a furniture store. Note that the dining table above contrasts with the floor.

At the bottom, the cupboards do not match the island, which does not fit the floor, which does not fit the kitchen table, which does not fit the rear locker system, and so on.


It is difficult for some to circumvent the rule that all forests should match. I understand that. But start slowly and practice. Perhaps it is as simple as adding a side table that is different in the stain color or is painted. If a couple of things match, that’s fine. Just try to make the larger pieces contrast, with each piece sticking out rather than fitting in.

Whether selling or home, if you need help choosing new woods, contact a professional designer or a home artist to guide you through the process.

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