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There are some in Hamilton’s political leadership team that encourage people to be overly concerned about the implications of this “Development Will Affect Traffic” without persuading people to take the time to take advantage of compact neighborhoods and more people who ride the bus, bike, and walk. A local political leader wants to change before the next election: Deputy Mayor Geoff Taylor says: “When I drove around and tried to put up election signs… how hard it was to find a park in some of these places and I would like to see it the next election campaign changed if I could. “

* *Committee on Hearing and Engagement meeting – 23 April 2020 – 24:35

At the heart of Hamilton, over 20% of people don’t drive to work. This 1 in 5 workers give others a parking space at work. The inner core of Hamilton is surrounded by neighborhoods where over 10% of people don’t take a car to work. This 1 in 10 workers give others a parking space at work. If we want to help people who really need it, we should take a 20-minute walk, bike ride, or ride public transport from home to work. We should do this often and support investments that make walking, cycling and public transport irresistible. This will free up parking spaces. Deputy Mayor Geoff Taylor said, “I couldn’t find a park during my visit. This is not a good result, not good planning.” ** However, it is good planning if more people walk, bike or with 20 minutes use public transportation from home to work.

** **.Strategic Growth Committee meeting – 13 February 2020 – 1:18:00

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