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When the time comes to install air conditioning for family comfort during the hot monthsThe homeowner has to decide whether to buy and install the air conditioner himself or contact an HVAC company and have the air conditioner installed by experts. This decision must depend on the budget and skill level of the homeowner. Mistakes can be costly. Since wiring and plumbing could be involved, many Homeowner Leave this job to professionals.

Hire a professional HVAC company

The easiest and safest way to get the house air-conditioned for summer is to contact a company like and have them inspect the house and suggest various possible air conditioners for the house. You can then offer the homeowner offers for various units and their installation. Choose a company that is licensed and covered with satisfaction guarantees. Information, customer reviews and comments can be found on the company’s website. Check with the local Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t hurt to get two or three offers and then choose the company that best suits family needs.

Consider these 13 mistakes people make when installing air conditioners

Before you consider installing your own air conditioner, learn how to do your job properly by reading instructions or watching online tutorials. Choose a system that is suitable for homeowner installation and includes complete installation instructions. If the homeowner hires an installer, make sure they are avoided serious installation errors. Air conditioning installation mistakes can be made if you do the job yourself or hire the wrong installer.

1. Buying an air conditioner with the wrong size for the house. The size unit required depends on the size of the house and the number of people living there. The room or living area should match the BTU or the UK thermal power plant listed in the system. The capacity or strength of the unit should also match the size of the room to be cooled. One guideline is that the cooling capacity should be 2000 BTU per 50 square meters.

2. Electrical wiring errors during installation can affect the operation of the air conditioner and be dangerous. There must be no exposed wires. A qualified heating and cooling technician or an approved electrician must be used here. The manufacturer’s warranty for the device may become invalid if a specialist does not carry out the wiring.

3. Insufficient insulation of the refrigerant suction line or improperly installed insulation affects the efficiency of the device. It is also important to check the system for coolant levels and leaks. A leak can cause health problems for the residents of the house and also adversely affect the efficiency of the system, which costs more electricity bills. Do not assume that a new device has no leaks as it may have been damaged in shipping or during the installation process. Proper refrigerant charge is also important.

4. The suction line should not be rectangular as this creates too much resistance and the air conditioner works harder to get the right amount of cooling.

5. In both split and wall mounted air conditioners, there must be enough space on all sides of the device for proper airflow and effective operation. Do not plant shrubs or other plants too close to the outdoor unit to hide them.

6. The refrigerant piping between the outdoor and indoor units of the central air conditioner must not be too long. In addition, installers can select the wrong size pipes or connections for the distances traveled. Read the installation manual for the air conditioning system to be installed and use the pipe diameters specified for the barrel length.

7. Permits may be required to install a central air conditioner. Make sure that the required permits have been applied for.

8th. The airflow is not considered sufficiently. Air conditioning is a complex system that needs to be tailored to the needs of every home. This includes planning cooling zones and dimensioning the system. The air conditioner must be carefully selected for quality and efficiency. This includes the inclusion of a good filter system to protect the devices, improve the air quality in the home and reduce allergens. Some poor quality systems do not contain filters and draw dirty air from outside the house and discharge contaminants into the house with unfiltered air. In some systems, the air filter assembly is in the wrong place to be efficient.

9. The homeowner does not receive a signed contract with the air conditioner installer. If you do not hire a qualified, licensed technician, the manufacturer’s warranty will expire.

10. Place the thermostats in the wrong places. This can mean that sunlight hits the thermostat all day long and gives off readings. Using cheap thermostats that don’t use the latest technology can be a costly mistake. Thermostats should be programmable with timers so that they can run less when no one is at home to save energy costs.

11. The drip pan should be removed when installing the air conditioner. If left on, the airflow can be reduced and the efficiency of the unit drops by several percentage points. Installing the wrong drainage system can damage the system and lead to expensive repairs. The water must be drained effectively and safely so that it does not get onto other device components.

12. System lines must be properly installed and sealed to prevent air leaks and energy waste. This is a place where some installers save on the quality of the materials or cut back on work. For this reason, only reputable HVAC installers should be used.

13.Ventilation slots must be placed correctly so that they are not blocked by furniture or boxes. The idea is not to hide ventilation slots, but to place them where they work best.

If an existing air conditioner needs to be updated, replace the entire system

If any part of an air conditioner is worn, the entire system shows wear. Whole-house air conditioning systems are two-part systems with an external condenser unit and the interior, which includes coils, arbors and fans. The internal parts also include a duct system and thermostats. All parts are designed to work together as a system. A mixture of old and new parts does not work efficiently.

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