The Black Urbanist Weekly # 33 – What should I do now? Urban Planning

This is the Black Urbanist Weekly. I am Kristen Jeffers and I am running this weekly digital newsletter to share my black, spiritual, diasporic, North Carolinian, working / civil, educated, queer and CisFemme thoughts on how places and communities work. Think of this as my weekly column sitting on the editorial page of your proverbial printing paper, or like so many other of your favorite newsletters in your inbox.

This is issue # 33 and I want to welcome all the new people who have been on the list in the past few weeks and I want to thank those who have been on the list since 2013 and those I have picked up on the way. I thank you all for wanting to accompany me on this (mostly) weekly trip.

This question depends on who you are.

To my black queer feminist urbanists (and all black and brown souls under the weight of oppression)



Do something that invites joy.

Mourn and grieve for our lost people and express gratitude that you are still breathing and are not dead or so seriously ill from The Rona that you cannot read this letter.

That your neck is free from all feet, off the street and you breathe alone, outside a prison cell or lifeless in a mortuary waiting for an autopsy.

For the moment, do not scan food and hope that the next person who rolls past is not careless and coughs on their exposed face.

That you have a few moments in the midst of all the ventilators that you need to keep running so people can think about seeing their families again.

That you can hug the kids you want to teach as best you can and have finally reached the point where they can explain summer and give you a break.

If you’ve managed to keep a paid job that you can do at home, you can take extra naps and send additional donations to mutual help.

And this mutual help is there for you if it looks like unemployment or even a little extra help never gets through.

My black siblings. Rest and rest well. Embrace yourself and enjoy the gratitude that the world that wants to kill and exploit us has not won today.

Never apologize for your feelings and tone when it comes to the sanctity of your life, your health and your safety.

Write down the vision, heal internally and radiate outwards in spaces and systems that we have created and that work well for us.

Give the swords to those we trust to fight for us and help dismantle the systems that have started and refined their ancestors, who recognize that they no longer work for us and from which they will work on ours Benefit costs. Let them get up.

To all of our abolitionists and accomplices.

Learn more about how to break down your ancestors and peers’ systems that kill and maim black and indigenous people.

Decolonize your own mind and raise the legacy and testimony of your non-white presenting or “exemplary” siblings and elders.

Do not erase the old culture or force the assimilation of the children you adopt from other cultures that you think you will save.

Continue to increase your and our social media pages and explain to your family, friends and colleagues why we are fed up and ready to burn everything down and rebuild it.

As we didn’t have so much to lose and the companies we fear losing property either have (1) business insurance that covers all losses, or (2) a community of people who love and want them they rebuild both their buildings and their business practices more sustainably so that they can contribute and ensure a fairer society and community. You could have both.

Explain and emphasize that you only get one life, and once it is wiped out, it never comes back. And these black and indigenous lives are important.

Explain that assimilation, gentrification, and colonization are already erasing great people and places.

Sponsor and support us at your workplaces by fairly incorporating our ideas into their structure.

Fund our work and dreams, as well as our schools, homes and businesses, with no restrictions or assumptions about how well we will do this.

Mutual Aid, Legal Defense and Bail Fund, Survivors and Friends of GoFundMes.

Fund organizations, efforts and collective work activities aimed at creating the goods and services that we need without harming ourselves physically, emotionally and financially.

If you defuse as much as possible, companies that are still lacking care and worry will have insurance policies again that consider property replaceable, but consider their employees interchangeable and do not deserve safe working conditions, living wages, and the necessary healthcare.

Allow and encourage our full cultural and physical expression without question.

Guys, we should do that now.

Do other things

  • Mel Mitchell’s book that I promoted African American Architects: Embracing Culture and Building Urban Communitiesis now available on and IndieBound. Call your preferred BIPOC or independent independent bookstore and ask them to keep it in stock.
  • SAVE THE DATE for my free lecture series How to Communicate in the Modern World to support my course for design professionals, community institutions and affected citizens and residents to master relevant communication tools and skills to support their work with and for communities How to communicate with mastery in the modern world. Take part in the free lecture series on Fridays. from June 5th at 1 p.m. East in the run-up to the start of the course How to communicate with mastery in the modern world on 10th of July.
  • I revised my survey of women at the Black Queer Feminist Urbanist to make it more mobile and anyone else who feels they can comment on what my experiences would be in your city and what experiences they had with country and country are problems . Find it here. People identified by black women are still encouraged to do so Complete the other survey Use a laptop or desktop, but you can also fill in the mobile and mark that you are a black woman.
  • You can Book me– on your media platform, as a keynote / lecturer or as a panelist. I can make a virtual delivery. We can start booking programming for late 2020 and 2021. If you are a member of the press and would like to receive my expert comment on the deadline, you can contact me at (301) 578-6278.
  • Les, this wonderful life partner and sales consultant of mine, is great at cheering you up, making you laugh, and helping you or your organization make radical changes in your life and health. Join the Email list for her company Les’s Lighthouse for regular motivational updates. If you need some laughter and motivation right now, check out some of their previous appearances and motivational talks Youtube. (Heads up, there is a cheeky language, but heartfelt news) It is restarted their podcast with some great interviews, including a familiar face for those active in the NUMTOT group on Facebook.

As always, I hope to hear that the next time you talk via email or social media, you’ll still be here. And that you are at peace and quiet. Thank you to everyone who continued to open this email and hope that you will still be here to do the same.



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