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The Write Question is a weekly video podcast about writing. Today’s question looks like this how to better organize your writing. If you have a question to answer, you can send me an email, tweet me @pubcoach, or leave a message for me in the Skype “Write the Question” account.


How are you? organize your writing better? That is the topic that I am addressing today in The Write Question. I am Daphne Gray-Grant, the publication trainer, who is still in pandemic mode.

I have a question from Andy Maguire, a writer from Moses Lake, Washington. He asked the following by email:

“I have just worked out my main problem in writing. I get all sorts of ideas, references (nonfiction blog posts) and snippets of writing – I’m using OneNote – and then I have trouble going back and organizing everything. One problem with sitting and writing without editing is that once I have enough text to start editing, I find that what I have written can be organized in several ways. Then I need a lot of time to make it a readable form. It really slows down my writing process. Do you have any suggestions? “

Thanks for your questions, Andy. I can see that you have thought and congratulated a lot on this topic, that you are so confident!

But the problem is You miss two of the most important steps in writing! You research and write and edit. But nowhere do you mention thinking or mind mapping. These two steps are at least as important as writing, maybe even more important.

Your job as a writer is not just too assemble what other people said You must, too contribute for conversation. And to do that, you have to superior.

Let me make a few comments about thinking. Don’t do it at your desk. Desks are terrible places to think. This is because we sit, and when we sit, we almost do not breathe deeply. Our brain only absorbs two percent of our body weight, but they consume 20% of the oxygen that we absorb. They are oxygen eaters !!

And when we sitWe tend to take weak, shallow breaths as if we were sipping our breath through a narrow straw. This lack of oxygen makes our brain a bit stupid – or at least stupid than with enough oxygen.

So instead of sitting, go out for a walk. This is the ideal time – and a fantastic activity – to think about what you will write.

If you don’t like to run You can do any other form of exercise that appeals to you – running, cycling, whatever. Or whatever the pandemic allows. And if you’re worried about forgetting something, take your phone with you so you can dictate some notes.

Aside from the need to get enough oxygenThere is another reason to get away from your desk when trying to think. This problem relates to letting your mind wander. To feel this important freedom, you can also consider doing everything that repeats itself but leaves your brain free without thinking pressure. This can include gardening, vacuuming, dusting, and chopping vegetables. Or even lie in a hammock and let yourself be swayed in the sunshine.

The next step is too mindmap. I’ve written a lot about mind mapping and also made a number of videos, so I’ll just include a link to all of the material in the show notes below. Please take a look at it. Mind mapping will make a big difference for you.

AndyI know you think the problem is that you are not editing while you write. In fact, the problem is that you don’t think before you write. They don’t seem to be taking advantage of the many benefits that mind mapping can offer you.

Finally, let me summarize a quote by the English writer A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh. “Organizing is what you do In front you do something so that when you do it, everything doesn’t get mixed up. ”

Andyif you are able to add thinking and mind mapping I think you will be much happier with your result.

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If you want to learn more In my latest book, you’ll learn how to make writing a much more rewarding process Your happy first design. I don’t sell it in bookstores or through Amazon. The only place I can buy it is on my website, link on the screen below and in the show notes.


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