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Can I finance my studies in Germany with part-time jobs?
Can I finance my studies in Germany with part-time jobs?

Germany is often a top priority for many students when they want to move to Europe to make their dream of the best college come true. The high-paying jobs and dynamic work culture enable better growth opportunities. However, if you are looking for a better survival as a student, you need to consider some key dynamics first. If you’re wondering how to start, you’ve come to the right place. This blog helps you to find out the question you have: “Can I finance my studies in Germany with part-time jobs?” Well, the answer is clear and straightforward. Yes, you can finance part-time studies in Germany. Note that this is only possible if you study at a public university. So you can stay afloat without fuss.

Students from the European Union / the European Economic Area

Students from the European Union enjoy special privileges at several German universities where they benefit from state funding. Such leverage enables maximum cost optimization of tuition fees. Even if they work 120 full days or 240 half days with a salary range of € 10 or € 12.5, which is considered to be minimum or mediocre, they can very well stay competitive and survive. Even if you want to complete master’s programs, these programs are also discounted and you can stay afloat as a student in Germany at a cheaper price. The average cost of living is € 850; If the students can even work for ten days, they can easily earn € 125, which could easily cover normal food costs. Aside from discounts on tuition and other things, they can easily survive.

Students from India and countries outside the EU / EEA

A student outside the EU / EEA can work 120 full days and 240 half days and has a large capacity to earn up to € 450, which is completely tax free. Students who are very familiar with the German language will quickly find a job.

Laws to follow when you take a part-time job

  • You cannot work longer than 120 full days or 240 half days at work. However, there is an additional leverage if you can work longer than 120 days. However, this can only happen if your university is located in a low-employment area.
  • You must present a work permit from the Employment Agency if you want to take the job.
  • Students enrolled in the preparatory or language course can only work if they have free lecture time and use the time to earn money for survival.
  • Any student earning less than € 450 is not required to pay taxes. It is not mandatory for them.
  • It would be best if you followed the federal law for work in Germany as a student.

Top industries in Germany for part-time jobs that you pay well

Teaching / graduates / research assistants

There is good demand for faculty and graduates who are looking for students who can help them evaluate copies, prepare literature research, work in the library, and supervise. These are the aspects that keep them moving in their quest to get high-paying part-time jobs and compete for survival.

Support staff

Students can also work as a support staff or waiter in a café. Pay is often questionable in these professions, but it gives them enough opportunities to grow by exploring the city and culture.

English tutors

Since English is not the first language in Germany, there is an excellent opportunity for those who want to earn in Germany if they are very familiar with English. In such situations, students from the UK and India have a better chance of performing excellently. In the UK, English is the first language, which helps students to speak this language and to grow naturally. Second, English is almost the second language for Indians in which most people in India can read and write. Such advantages offer them many opportunities.

Assistants in industrial production

As a country with wealthy manufacturing sectors and industrial revolutions, you can help in key industries and get a substantial sum in return. These options can also serve as precursors for your future jobs in Germany.

Student software developer

This is by far the most requested category as the pay is higher and there is a possibility that the company that offered you a student developer job will hire you full time after you graduate. This way you can easily avoid the job search phase. If you have a profile in computer science, you should contact student development jobs.

Do you have to submit a return or something else for the income earned as a part-time worker?

Yes, but only if your income exceeds € 450. There are other provisions that can save you significant fees. You need to take this into account and act accordingly to set up a transparent and lucrative, high-paying process.

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